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Author Emily K. Reuter Announces New Release



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This Initial Offering from Reuter Introduces Readers to a Family of Acclaimed Artists Who Embody Fame and Glamour but Carry Secrets that Threaten to Destroy It All 

Springfield, Oregon—September 28, 2011. Criminologist Emily K. Reuter is excited to announce the release of her new novel Fortune’s Secrets—Book I from The Vega Family Saga (ISBN: 978-1-936780-69-3), now available to the public. This crime drama that integrates gripping suspense with intoxicating romance serves as an enthralling introduction to a series of books. It tastefully unfolds the story of the Vega family through the expert craftsmanship, rich imagination, and vivid descriptiveness of its author.

In this first book, readers meet Yelena Vega, a child prodigy who faces the spotlight of an international celebrity just as she is approaching the difficult years of adolescence. Through her many appearances on world-renowned stages performing her classical music, Yelena carries with her the pain of a brutal attack she endured as a young girl and that continues to affect her sense of confidence, her relationships, and her ability to interact with the outside world. Helping to keep Yelena safe within the walls of her family’s estate is Daniel Cruz, a former military operative and hostage negotiator with a shadowed past. Cruz’s job proves to be more difficult than he anticipates when the Vega’s family secrets that have carried through generations are revealed in the wake of terrifying violence and shocking betrayals.

As Yelena comes to trust Daniel over the more than ten years that they spend together, he becomes the troubled woman’s closest confidante and an attraction develops between them that must remain unrequited due to circumstance. When Yelena marries one of Daniel’s friends, a love triangle develops that offers an intensity of emotion and undoubtedly the readers’ involvement in their hopes for the determined resolution.

Emily K. Reuter brings her academic background in both Criminology and Criminal Justice and English Literature to Fortune’s Secrets in order to create scenes that are intensely real and horrifying. Readers will encounter several shocking moments of violence, which Reuter always approaches with a respect for the characters involved and the hope of engaging her audience to reflect on the violence, particularly against women, that permeates our society. Those who read this novel will feel the constant threat under which Yelena Vega must live her very public life and Reuter’s ability to establish that emotional connection to the protagonist will have readers turning every page.

“I am so excited to share Fortune’s Secrets and the Vega family with readers,” shared Ms. Reuter. “I have so much passion for the art of the written word and I hope that my dedication to my work comes through to those who pick up this book and that my effort to portray real and flawed characters makes the relationships meaningful to all who read it.”

Review copies, interviews, and a complete media kit are available upon request.

Emily K. Reuter has strong experience working with clients on projects requiring technical writing and has written non-fiction books that focus on the self-empowerment of women. Her wide breadth of creative work demonstrates a passion for writing and its ability to share important messages of hope, strength, and confidence. She holds a BS in Criminology and an MA in Education, a Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing, and is working on a second MA in English.

Fortune’s Secrets — Reuter’s debut novel – is the first in a stunning new series and is published by Mill City Press. The book will be available to purchase for popular eReader devices or in paperback through online book retailers, at the publisher’s or author’s website, or by request at your favorite bookstore.

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