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This Week's Podcast Guest: Author and Writing Mentor Dara Beevas

Join us this Friday when author and self-publishing expert Dara Beevas discusses her new book, The Indie Author Revolution: An Insider's Guide to Self-Publishing. The book is both comprehensive yet easy to follow, and draws on Beevas'  experience as a writer, publisher and mentor.    

Self-publishing can be intimidating and difficult to navigate, especially for new authors. And Beevas would know. She has been writing since she was a child, when traditional publishing was an author's only option. But as anyone in the writing business knows, things have changed quite a bit since then, and Beevas found herself part of a fascinating new literary world.   

These days, she not only self-publishes her own work but mentors authors as Vice President of Beaver's Pond Press in Minneapolis. Created for the sole purpose of helping authors create books of the highest caliber, the Press takes them through every step of the process, from writing and editing to printing and marketing. The key, Beevas said, is to understand that there is more to creating a book than just writing it. Self-published authors must be willing to look at their book as a business.    

She even finds time to write her own blog, Wise Ink, which offers tips and tutorials on writing and publishing for the novice and expert alike. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Build the Perfect Website

For most of us, building a website is the single biggest and most significant thing we can do for our business, brand, product, or book. Yet I'm amazed at how often folks will jump into this work with little or no knowledge of what it takes to build a website that is mediocre at best. I'm not talking about design, although that is very important. I'm taking about the goals, the mission, and understanding the principles that go into creating something that isn't about you, but about your users. In the end, that's the only thing that matters. Let's look at some components and must-haves to create that perfect site starting with the single most important page on your entire website: the homepage.

Homepage: While it's always good to start at the point of entry when we're talking about websites, that's not my reason for starting these tips by talking about the Homepage. My reason is simple: If you get this page wrong, you may as well forget your entire website. The homepage is the single most important page on your site and it must deliver on one promise, and just one. While your navigation will send visitors off to different areas of your site and it's likely that you will want your site to produce numerous results for you, your homepage should do only one thing: deliver on your promise. People came to your site for a specific reason, right? Let's say that you are a motivational author. You write books, give lectures, and have a newsletter and all of it is about motivation. Yet, when someone lands on your website all they see is you. Who you are, what you do, etc. and while that's important, it's not your promise. One of the biggest lessons of website design is that you are creating a site for your consumers' reasons, not yours. Remember that while this may sound harsh, you should run by the general rule that no one cares about you but your mom. If your homepage is packed with stuff other than your promise, visitors won't stay on your site. That's a promise I can guarantee 100% of the time.

What do you want the website to do and why? I'm always surprised at how many designers don't ask this question. Or perhaps they do but the questions are asked the wrong way. When designers ask, "What do you want your website to do" most people will say "sell something" but the problem is before you get to the sell, the site must first do something else. Let's have a look at what that is. When we were building our site, my web person asked me this same question. Then, much to my dismay, she asked me to go deeper. "No," she said, "Before you get to a sale, it must do something else first." That made sense. We're not going to buy from someone we don't trust, right? So, I wanted the website to speak to credibility. That, then, is reflected on every page.

You will likely have different reasons. Maybe it's to educate or entertain. Maybe you just want to capture information or give your visitor a fun experience online. Whatever that reason is, remember that no one starts with the end result in mind; there is always a piece before that. That's what your website should do. Once you determine that, make sure that each page on your site reflects what you want your website to do.

Who is your market? This is always a loaded question and often a tricky one to answer, but if you don't know this with all certainty, I don't recommend that you start building your website. And much like the prior bullet, it's more than just knowing the basics: female, ages 35-55. In order to create a site that will truly sell or do what you need it to, you must know more. Years ago I created something called the "Reader Profile," it was designed for authors to help them profile a reader for their book. The form asked questions like: Where does your reader live? What groups might they belong to? What other books are they reading? What do they do on their time off? Where do they hang out online? What's their age? Married? Do they watch TV? Listen to radio? Read magazines/newspapers? And if yes to any of these, which and how often? These questions will really help you to go deeper into your site and really create an experience that is keenly focused on your end user. Without this data, you're creating a website in a vacuum and I can almost guarantee that if you don't sift through this data now, you'll end up doing it eventually when you see your website is not producing the results you'd hoped it would.

Think Billboards: Years ago, I wrote that websites are like billboards, they must deliver on a single promise very quickly. It's even truer now than when I originally wrote about this. When you see billboards (the ones that are done right) they deliver quickly through words and images and you know exactly what they are offering. Think of your website as a billboard, with people racing past it at high speeds because that's what the online experience is like. You have less than a second to get someone's attention: be clear, crisp and concise. Think billboard.

Things no website should be without: While every website is different, there are elements that I feel are important to have on any website. Consider the following:
Strong call to action: We'll cover this more in-depth in part two of this article, but for now know that you need a strong call to action. You must tell your visitors what you want them to do, otherwise they will leave without taking action and that won't serve you well at all.

Contact points: I'm always amazed at how often I have to dig for this information on someone's website. Make it easy for someone to contact you, either through a phone number, contact form, direct email, or a combination of these three.

Secure shopping: In an age of identity theft and online scams, I can't emphasize enough that you must have a secure shopping cart. How do you get this? Tell your website developer that you want this, though most will insist on it.

Easy Navigation: This is another area where I see people get messed up. Their navigation is complicated with too many options and too many choices. If you haven't read The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz I highly suggest that you do. If this book doesn't frighten you into keeping it simple, nothing will.

Focus: At the risk of annoying you, my reader, it's worth mentioning the focus piece again. Remember it's not about you, it's about your end-user. Your customer, visitor, or potential new client.

Testimonials: People like what other people like so be sure to add testimonials, reviews, and endorsements to your website. If you have a lot of them get a page just for testimonials, though I always recommend adding at least one to your homepage.

Signup: Most visitors won't make a decision to buy the first time they land on your site; in fact, the number is frighteningly small. Getting folks to sign up for your blog, newsletter, or announcement list is a way to stay on their radar screen (permission marketing) and getting them back to your site again and again. By doing this, you'll deliver the sale. Otherwise people will visit your site and though they may bookmark, if you don't give them a compelling reason to return, they likely won't.

Easy share: There are a lot of articles on having sharing features on a website and blog so I won't belabor this. Suffice it to say that you want to be sure that your site is sharable on any and all relevant social media sites.

Blog: In an age of almost monthly Google algorithm changes a blog is no longer an option if you're trying to get some visibility for your site. It's a must. Update it at a minimum of twice a week.

Bad book covers: I work in publishing and as anyone in this industry knows, you can bury a good book in a lousy cover. The same can be said for your website. I'm always amazed at how people will bury a fantastic message in a terrible design. Consumers won't take the time to try and figure out bad navigation or lukewarm website copy, not to mention a poor design, they'll just leave and likely their next stop will be your competitor.

You get what you pay for: I love free, I mean don't we all? But free has a price, especially when it comes to website design. Free websites are limited, won't let you do ecommerce and most will never get you any search engine ranking. Forget free, in the long run it could cost you in lost revenue and business opportunities.

Know your promise: We all promise people something when they come to our websites. The thing you need to ask yourself is what are you promising? Whatever it is, this promise needs to be reflected on every page. Whether your site is about saving money or making people laugh, make sure your promise is consistent on each page.

Reprinted from "The Book Marketing Expert newsletter," a free e-zine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Poetry and Prose Corner January 2013


by Denise Demaras

If you want to write a book this year
Just start it now and you'll be half way there.
We can help you when you get stuck
Our tools can dig you out of the muck.
Begin each day writing from the start
So you'll deliver a message from your heart.

Denise Demaras, an L.A.-based Artist, Author, Publisher and Holistic Health Coach. Her new book, Heal From Your Heart With Breath, Rhyme and Art, instructs people how to rid their lives of physical and spiritual pain through a variety of meditation and healing techniques.

The Firefly and the Butterfly

© Yvonne Perry 2012

A firefly swooped near me
I caught her in my hands
and cupped her tightly so she could not flee
I would peer in upon my captive
just to watch her light up
I clinched my hands tighter
Snuffing out the air she needed
And closing the space around her
so she could not see the beauty of others
Her wings could not unfurl
Her spirit could not soar
Bound by my possessive grip
She had no choice or liberty
Her light faded
She became silent and still

A butterfly landed upon my open palm
His wing was slightly torn
I admired his gentle grace and beauty
but I dared not close my hand
for fear that I would crush his tender heart
and harm him in some way
Intently, I cast my eyes and restoring love upon him
and watched breathlessly to see if he would respond
Sometimes I would close my eyes and feel
the tickle of his wings, the pulse of his heart
or the movement of his tiny feet upon my skin
Soaking in the intense color and vibration
of all the life, freedom, and vitality he offers
I cannot hold him prisoner
while he heals and basks in the warmth of my hand
I realize the choice is not mine
Will he stay or fly away?


By Shirley Roe

Standing on the edge
Before me, death
And all of the unknown
Will I go to a higher plane
A beautiful Heaven
Or will there be only blackness
And silence
Will I know what is happening
Or will I simply be?
The precipice of life
How did I reach this point?
Was it a good journey or
Did I simply exist?
Did I live every moment to the fullest
Or simply move from day to day?
These are questions that must be asked
Now, before you stand on the edge of forever.
A life is not judged by the length of living,
But by the quality living of every moment,
The wonderful, the painful,
The happy and the sad
But lived completely and appreciated fully.
Stop now and ask yourself these questions
Before you face the total and absolute unknown.

Based in Canada, Shirley A. Roe is an award winning poet and historical fiction writer. She has published eight novels, and is working on number nine.


I love to watch the clouds roll by.
They paint a picture in my mind.
The ever changing images unfold,
Untangle and unwind
Into a vast collage of treasures
Meant for just my eyes.
Reflections of familiar feelings
Scattered 'cross the skies.

Taking in their tattered edges...
Tucking in their ends...
Forming shapes for fleeting moments...
Driven by the winds.
Roving, rolling, climbing, falling
Singly or in crowds,
Images abound aplenty
Riding on the clouds.

Dennis S. Martin
Lulu Storefront:

Friday, January 18, 2013

Should Fiction Authors Be Bloggers?

By Joel Friedlander

It’s pretty easy to make the case that almost all authors should have a writer blog. And some publishers have asked their authors to start a blog if they don’t have one. Out of all the digital innovations that allow writers to advance themselves and their ideas, none can match blogging.

Here’s why blogging is a no-brainer:
  • It requires very few technical skills. Anyone who can produce a manuscript in a modern word processor likely has the skills to blog.
  • It costs very little to start blogging on your own domain, and it is free to create a hosted blog on sites like and
  • It allows you to set your own schedule, so there’s no outside deadline pressure.
And the rewards can be profound, especially considering bloggers are gaining them all by themselves. Blogs give you the opportunity to:
  • Create communities of interest around the books you publish and the ideas you promote
  • Interact with readers, and gain insight about what your readers have in common
  • Generate actionable marketing intelligence without much trouble or expense
  • Introduce your work to an ever-widening circle of readers
  • Create excitement about your forthcoming books, enlisting “raving fans” to help spread the word
You can even monetize your blog by offering other products or services that compliment your subject matter. A pretty good picture, don’t you agree? So where’s the problem?

Let’s Divide By Three

The problem is that all of these benefits only accrue easily to two kinds of authors:

1. Nonfiction authors with lesser effects for memoirists or literary nonfiction writers, and
2. Well-known fiction authors, who already have a fan base large enough to make their books successful.

In the first case, blogging is one of the most effective marketing devices available to an individual author. If you’re a nonfiction author wondering if it’s worth blogging, don’t debate, just do it and you’ll find out.

And if you’re something of a celebrity in your genre, your legions of fans will be fascinated by almost anything you write, giving you permission to satisfy their cravings with your blog.

But what about the third category?

3. Unknown fiction authors, aspiring novelists, and first-timers.

Let’s have a look.

They Are Trying, But Is It Working?

Many fiction authors have blogs, of course, but there’s one problem common to many of them: Many of the blog’s readers appear to be other struggling fiction authors.

If you scroll through the posts on these blogs, you will see a pretty typical mix of articles about what they are writing, personal stories and, for those who have published, articles about how they did it and what their results are. Some of these blogs are popular, but most, I’m afraid, never attract much attention and don’t seem to be doing much for their authors.

Another approach that seems to work better is used by authors whose work is centered around a specific historical period, a particular place or occupation, or some other theme that ties their work together. This allows the author to blog about the subject of her books instead of the writing or publishing process, which are mostly of interest to other writers.

And this makes sense. Some percentage of readers who enjoy novels set in ancient Egypt might well be attracted by blog articles that explore what life was like in that time and place. This also gives an author a way to put to productive use some of the research that goes into her books.

Likewise, a novelist who writes police procedurals might blog about advances in forensic science or interesting news items involving police investigations.

But do these blogs work in attracting fiction readers? I think that’s more problematic. Obviously, they can’t hurt, but it seems to me that people read novels for different reasons than they read informational articles.

What Are Your Choices?

I’ve had this conversation with numerous novelists, and some, like Joanna Penn, who is both a novelist and a very successful blogger, have suggested there are other things that might be better for fiction writers (until they become mega-famous, of course) to focus on when it comes to marketing your books.

These might include:
  • Concentrating on getting the best book cover you can afford for your book.
  • Making sure you have killer sales copy for the back cover and everywhere your book will be listed.
  • Offering a sample chapter or look inside the book to entice readers into the story.
  • Creating a book review program when your book is new.
  • Making sure your book is widely available and attractively priced.
So if you’re a novelist, should you be blogging? At this point, the answer is “it depends.” For the right writer with an appreciative audience, blogging can be a powerful way to create a community surrounding your books. Until you get those fans, put all of your efforts into writing great books and promoting them as your long-term plan.

Joel Friedlander is a self-published author, an award-winning book designer, and an accomplished blogger. He's the founder of the Self-Publishing Roadmap online training course, and a frequent speaker at industry events where he talks to writers about how the new tools of publishing can help them reach and inspire their readers.

Join Us for a Conversation with Author and Law of Attraction Expert Zaheen Nanji

It is my pleasure to welcome author and wellness coach Zaheen Nanji to the WITS podcast. Zaheen is one of twelve wellness experts from the U.S. and Canada who authored Unlock the Power of YOU: 12 Steps to Health, Happiness and Success. Specifically, she discusses her chapter, Attracting Your Ideal Weight. Zaheen is also certified in the Law of Attraction and owner of the Shanti Wellness Centre in Alberta. The Centre provides a host of services, from yoga classes to life coaching, for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Zaheen doesn't just teach these methods, she lives them. As a child, she suffered from a serious stuttering problem that affected every aspect of her life. However once she learned to conquer her fear, stuttering no longer had power over her, and the behavior changed. Today, she is comfortable with interviews and is a sought after public speaker. She also hosts the radio show, Fat to Thin and has created a series of YouTube videos to help people struggling to overcome their weight issues.

Click here to listen to the podcast:

Like what you heard? To order the book, visit To learn more about the Shanti Wellness Centre, visit

Visit her on Facebook
Follow her on Twitter

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WITS Book with a View January 2013

Book Title: Shadows over Sheradan
Author: Scott Barker
ISBN: 978-1-4653-5007-7
Publisher: Xlibris
Genre: fantasy, adventure
Publication Date: 2012
Book Length in Pages: 508
Reviewer: Sarah Moore

I am going to begin this book review with an admission. I am not well-versed in the genre of fantasy/adventure. I do, however, have a great appreciation for strong characters and compelling storylines, and I can get wrapped up in a novel regardless of its literary category if I enjoy the writing. I share all of this because I hope it makes my thoughts on Shadows over Sheradan, the new release by Scott Barker, more meaningful to other readers who, like me, do not bring an extensive home library of fantasy books into consideration when determining their next book selection. Barker has crafted an epic three-part novel that led me to develop emotional investment in the outcome and have one of those experiences in which you tell yourself “just one more chapter” before finally compelling yourself to bed.

Shadows over Sheradan tells the story of Prince Trigarius’ pursuit of the dark Izzasha the Betrayer through the moons and rings surrounding the planet Zalaghorn, and the physical landscapes that Barker describes with a rich effect. Trigarius is joined on his journey by a crew of loyal and talented individuals who hold their leader in the highest regard, along with one reluctant passenger whose mysterious presence and powers lend some great layers to the plot. As Prince Trigarius’ charge is revealed in more detail and readers follow him on his quest, the pages bring forth the joining of forces with another crew through tragic circumstance, battle scenes that will make your heart race, moments of romance both new and rekindled, and, undergirding it all, a testament to the importance and power of true friendship.

Being a three-part novel of approximately 500 pages, and already admitting to my own lack of fantasy reading experience, I readily share that Barker does his own masterful job of revealing the story. Readers will be doing themselves a service by allowing the author to draw them in with his talent rather than settling for my synopsis of a complex story to which I cannot do justice in limited type. Instead, I will share, as the purpose of encouraging your contact with this book, that Barker has developed characters that are relatable, sympathetic, and engaging. He has taken the emotions found in a friendship or that a humble servant feels for his leader, feelings to which most of us can relate in our everyday lives, and placed them seamlessly into a fantasy environment found in dreams. He has crafted good guys and bad guys, but done so in ways that capture the flaws and humanity on both sides.

Perhaps most importantly, it is apparent on every page that Shadows over Sheradan is a work of passion for Barker. Each detail is carefully constructed so that readers will get a true sense of the oppressive weight of dread as the shadow creatures are unleashed to engage in their final battle. The detail-oriented nature of Barker’s writing will allow readers to close their eyes and visualize Prince Trigarius standing at the helm of his ship or shiver as the brave crew members set out on a frozen land in search for their lost comrades. Barker includes maps and illustrations that, instead of removing the need for one’s own imagination, stoke it. As Barker is asking you to step into a new world with his writing, a glossary of terms is provided as well.

If you like to read novels that are smart, detailed, and engage your senses, then consider adding Shadows over Sheradan to your collection. Whether you never have read an adventure novel of this type before or you already claim dozens of such fantasy novels on your list of favorites, I have confidence that you will enjoy this new work by Scott Barker and reach the back cover eager to read more.

Title: Shudderville Part Three
Author: Mia Zabriskie
Publisher: Mia Zabrisky Books (December 16, 2012)
ASIN: B00A55P258
Reviewer: Dana Micheli

Mia Zabriskie’s Shudderville Part I left me feeling as if I had been dangled over the edge of a great cliff (hanger). As I read the last line, I quickly moved to flip the page of my Kindle, but there was nothing. How would I find out what happened to Sophie McKnight, or learn the true identity of Tobias Mandelbaum?

Despite my disappointment, I decided to move on to Part II. After all, we’re not supposed to know how every story ends…right? You only have to read my review of Part II to see that I was just as enthralled by that very different but equally terrifying tale. Still, Tobias Mandelbaum lingered in the back of my mind.

Luckily for me, Mia Zabriskie is not one to leave her readers hanging (at least, not for long). Shudderville Part III picks up where Part I left off. Tobias Mandelbaum, the mysterious old man that grants wishes and steal souls, has returned. His latest victim is Cassie, Sophie McKnight’s best friend and—as it turns out—her betrayer as well. For no one, it seems, is able to resist Mandelbaum’s dangling carrot.

As in Parts I and II, Shudderville Part III explores the polarities hidden in the human psyche—good vs. evil, love vs. hate, and condemnation vs. redemption. But here Zabriskie underscores another theme: the truly terrifying consequences of wishing for “true love.” Be careful what you wish for.

Monday, January 14, 2013

This Week's Podcast Guest: Zaheen Nanji

Join us this week as Zaheen Nanji discusses Unlock the Power of YOU: 12 Keys to Health, Happiness & Success. The book is a powerful anthology written by Nanji and eleven other self-improvement experts from across the U.S. and Canada. Nanji's chapter, entitled How to Attract Your Ideal Weight, focuses on looking past surface issues around weight to reveal our authentic, healthier selves.

 Nanji's method centers on the Law of Attraction, of which she is a certified facilitator. However her expertise extends far beyond weight loss. She is also a motivational speaker and owner of the Shanti Wellness Centre in Alberta, Canada. The Centre offers a wide range of self-improvement services, from yoga and karate to hypnotherapy and coaching.

She also hosts the radio show, Fat to Thin  and has created a series of YouTube videos to help people struggling to overcome their weight issues.

For more information on Zaheen's work, visit or and tune into the WITS podcast!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Resolutions for Writers

By Deborah Wilbrink

The two most important resolutions for writers are: 1.) Write every day; and 2.) Share my writing. There are many more resolutions, but most writers can use these two.

Write every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It will feel more natural and you will come to enjoy and look forward to that time. If you are experiencing writer’s block, just change the subject or format and have some fun. You will feel refreshed and return to your project a better writer.

Share your writing. That can mean submitting an article to an online “zine” today, attaching a poem in an email to a friend, reading to your writing group, commenting on or composing a blog, or working on getting a publishing deal. There are many ways to share. Communicate your thoughts. Isn’t that why you are writing?

Here are some more great resolutions for writers, couched in the affirmative:

1. I will publish the writing that readers want to read.
2. I will end an old project: revise, finish, or shred it, making room for a new one.
3. I will learn by observing and practicing a new technique.
4. I will seek constructive criticism and listen.
5. I will try writing in some new styles, experimenting in order to further develop my own style.
6. I will organize my writing area so that it attracts me and offers easy access to tools.
7. I will decorate my writing area with visual reminders of success.
8. I will happily tell others about my writing and listen to their experiences.
9. I will mentor and encourage others.
10. I will be ready for a mentor to find, teach, and encourage me.

This year has just begun, but already I have encountered writers who are fulfilling their New Years’ Resolutions. Writers are contacting Writers in the Sky wanting to improve their general writing skills—clearly a step in the “write” direction! Soon I’ll be teaching a class of senior citizens how to improve writing their memoirs so that these stories will be a joy to read.

Other writers are finishing up worthwhile projects. “BJ” is writing about attracting abundance to one’s life. It’s a how-to book, with steps clearly illustrated by her life and by a journey metaphor. Now that I’m in the car and on the road with BJ, preparing her book for publication, I feel just as excited as if it were my own project. BJ’s book is going to help a lot of people when it’s published!
Make your resolutions today to improve your writing and sharing. Happy New Year!

Deborah Wilbrink is an editor and ghostwriter with Writers in the Sky, specializing in personal history and memoir. She offers creative writing and life journaling workshops. Deborah was an English teacher, video producer, Senate aide, journalist, and cemetery manager – all in this lifetime! Visit Deborah's blog- Perfect Memoirs and you can contact Deborah here.

Deborah, shown here implementing Resolution #7.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

WITS Announcements January 2013

As a subscriber to Writers in the Sky Newsletter, you are entitled to share your announcements with our readers. See guidelines at and send your material to us before the 24th of each month to make the next month’s issue. Anything posted in the WITS Newsletter is also shared with our blog readers at

The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is open to anyone who loves expressing their innermost thoughts and feelings through the beautiful art of poetry or writing a story that is worth telling everyone. Write a poem or short story for a chance to win cash prizes! Postmark deadline: January 13, 2013. All works must be original. Visit our website for details:
WITS client Tiago Bernal has released Messages from the Future Part I, the first instalment of his three-part interactive game book. The human race is facing extinction in the very near future unless a few brave individuals are willing to stop it. Are you one of these people? We dare you to find out. If you decide to accept this challenge, you will find yourself in the midst of an adventure that will take all of your wits and courage to survive. To check out the trailer and buy Messages from the Future, visit:
Read the first chapter for free and then decide if you want to download the 3-hour-long MP3 audio book of More Than Meets the Eye ~ True Stories about Death, Dying, and Afterlife for only $7.00.
Artist, author, and Certified Holistic Health Counselor Denise DeMaras has released her first book, Heal from Your Heart With Breath, Rhyme and Art. Heal From Your Heart is a unique guide to self-healing that fuses age-old practices such as meditation and breathing techniques with her new creative technique, Rhyme to Heal.

Also included are Denise's original artwork and verses, which support the practitioner as he or she embarks on their healing journey. Denise has also created a deck of healing cards that can serve as a companion to the book or be used independently.
Each story in The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children focuses on life skills such as environmental awareness, helping others, being true to one’s self, overcoming fear, and following inner guidance.
On January 17, Dr. Steve Brannon will be on Lillian Brummet's radio show, Conscious Discussions, to discuss his work in counseling people who suffer from mood disorders. You can tune into to the show by visiting Steve is also the author of The Two Agreements: A Good News Story for Our Time. You can listen to Steve discuss this incredible book with Yvonne Perry on the We Are One podcast.
Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those around You is a guidebook for empathic people who have been unknowingly carrying energetic burdens that belong to someone else. See all purchasing options at
State of Appreciation is a free weekly online newsletter that blends practical and spiritual approaches to enhance personal power and self-realization. This publication offers empowering articles, gifts, and free contemporary and classic empowerment downloads at
If you are looking for someone to create an original piece for your book cover, you might want to connect with Diane Daversa on Facebook:!/pages/Diane-Daversa-Fine-Art/109782219119036.
Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience is about how to embrace multidimensional frequencies, lessen physical and emotional symptoms of rapid spiritual ascension, and offers tips to make the ascension process easier and quicker.

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WAO & WITS Podcast Schedules January 2013

WAO Podcast

We Are One in Spirit Podcast allows for people from all walks of life to discuss their spiritual journey and life—transforming experiences that remind us that we are all one in spirit. Uplifting, enlightening, and insightful topics include healing, empathy, intuition, spiritual/psychic gifts, metaphysics, soul development, afterlife, spirit communication, and more. The metaphysical shows are archived at feed:// You will also find us on iTunes. Please subscribe to the We Are One in Spirit mailing list to receive the call log-in information:

On January 17, Maxine Taylor will join us to discuss her latest book for walk-ins, Earthbound. Based in Atlanta, Maxine Taylor is a true visionary with more than forty years of experience in spiritual work. She is an internationally-known astrologer, energy healer, spiritual coach, teacher, speaker and published author. One of her greatest gifts is the ability to awaken people to the truth of who they are and empower them to transform their lives. In her first fictional novel, Earthbound, a galactic being comes to Earth with a mission that affects not only planet Earth but our galactic neighbors as well.

WITS Podcast

Writers in the Sky Podcast is a Nashville-based talk show about writing, publishing, and book marketing. An educational tool for people who want to learn more about the craft and business of writing, this show offers interviews with authors and writers, as well as the latest news about books currently on the market. You will also learn about publishing methods and marketing techniques as we interview publishers and publicists. Listen to archived shows via RSS Feed. Download WITS Podcast on iTunes for your iPod or iPad.

On January 17, Author and motivational speaker Zaheen Nanji will join Dana Micheli for a conversation about tapping into one's true potential. Unlock the Power of You: 12 Keys to Health, Happiness and Success is an anthology written by Zaheen and 11 other self-improvement experts. She will be speaking about her chapter: Attracting Your Ideal Weight.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Editor's Corner January 2013

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to the first WITS Newsletter of 2013! Judging by some of the news stories of the past year, we are lucky to be here. The election is over, and the world did not end on December 21st. We have survived to fight (or in our, case, write) another day.

And speaking of which, it is time to get back to business. The houseguests have left and the last piece of fruitcake has been eaten (or is being used as a doorstop!), so there are no longer any excuses for not working on your book. If you are having some difficulty getting into the swing of things, remember that it has never been a more exciting time to be an author. Self-publishing has made it possible for writers to retain more control over their work, and social media has provided them with tools to get their message out into the world. Those “in the know” are already buzzing about 2013 trends in the publishing industry, so whether you plan to self-publish or seek traditional representation, be sure to start doing your homework now.

As for me, I am looking forward to another year of working with our wonderful clients. I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!

Dana Micheli
Writer and editor, Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services

Writers in the Sky is a team of ghostwriters, editors, and book marketing specialists committed to the craft and business of writing. We work with our clients on all levels of the publishing process from editing and manuscript assessments to book formatting and marketing. So whether you are a first-time author or a veteran of the craft, let Writers in the Sky help you get your book out into the world. We also provide assistance with résumés, business documents, and academic essays. For more information, visit