Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Podcasts Offer Opportunity for Self-Reflection and Soul Searching

Writers in the Sky February Podcasts to Feature Tools to Put Your Soul on the Page and Three Works of Fiction that Challenge Our Spiritual and Cultural Beliefs

Nashville, TN, January 29, 2010 – The Writers in the Sky podcast enters this traditional month of love by presenting interviews that focus on the beauty that exists within our own souls as well as in the connection we find with spirits beyond our world. February starts with a book that teaches its readers how to develop the creativity and wisdom offered by our souls through writing. The month continues with a novel that addresses the difficult issues of cultural identity and stereotypes through the emotional story of one family. The following week brings an emotionally raw look at one woman’s re-evaluation of the strengths of her spiritual beliefs. The month comes to a close with a work of fiction that reveals the very real impact of charismatic personalities on our lives.

On February 5, Janet Conner will be sharing her book, Writing Down Your Soul, when podcast host Yvonne Perry interviews her about the mysterious process of tapping into the higher wisdom of your soul through writing. This is more than journaling. It's not automatic writing; it's something totally different. Learn how to find out what your soul and divine guidance is trying to share with you. Janet will share how to write from theta brain waves that support creativity rather than beta waves associated with stress (where many people live their daily lives).

Yvonne Perry will interview Maxine Thompson on February 12 about her new novel Hostage of Lies, which is published by Urban Soul. The story is a vivid portrait of Reverend Godbolt's family and his forebears. The family's secrets set the stage for a profound and provocative debate about black identity and destiny in America's past and present. The novel deals with the issue of adoption which often runs counter to African American culture due to the history of children being sold away from their mothers.

The podcast series continues on February 19 when Sarah Moore welcomes author Wilson Awasu as he discusses his new book Kim’s Confessions. In this novel, the title character approaches her church and her faith with a sense of entitlement. She presents a long family history and active involvement in her congregation as her defenses for not questioning the strength of her relationship with God. However, her entire belief system is changed when she reluctantly attends a seminar called “Radical Growth.”

On February 26, Barbara Fifield will be joining the podcast for an interview about Lucifer Rising. This new release tells the story of a female reporter who profiles a local religious cult leader and ends up being drawn into a relationship with him. Even when she learns of his history of violence and adultery, she cannot seem to escape. Lucifer Rising combines aspects of a thriller, romance, and exploration of the paranormal. During the interview, Ms. Fifield will share how her previous profession contributed to the writing of her new book, why she wanted to tackle the controversial issue of cults, and what she has planned next for her readers.

“I am so excited to have a month of interviews in which we can focus on issues of spirituality and the power of examining the potential within our own souls,” shares Yvonne Perry, owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services, which produces the podcast. “I hope that our listeners find something during our February interviews that will stay with them long after the month is over.”

About Writers in the Sky: Writers in the Sky blog, podcast, and newsletter is a three-fold production filled with information about writing, publishing, and book publicity created by Yvonne Perry as part of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services.

Listening to Writers in the Sky Podcast on a computer is easy. Go to On the right sidebar there is a list of archived shows. Click on the interview you would like to hear and it will open a post that has a link to the audio file.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Espresso Machine—In-store Book Printing

by Sally Hanan

“Up close and personal it is as if the Gutenberg Press met with Willy Wonka, and the chocolatier come out on top.” ~ Felicity Wood, editorial assistant at The Bookseller.

The Espresso machine is like an ATM for books because it prints books while you wait. The exact number of minutes it takes to print a book depends on the number of pages being printed and the size of the book, but in one machine,
pages are printed,
a cover is printed,
the spine is glued,
the pages are evenly chopped,
and a finished book slides out of the chute.

Version 2.0 will print a book of 300 pages in about four minutes. The older version is three times slower.

Books can be printed from the Public Domain list, as can books from a PDF file. Publishers that work with Lightening Source have made their titles available. Writers and content owners can also print their own books on it.

The cost to the store owner for one book is about $2, but we have yet to see what price the retailers settle at for having the machine in their store. If the retailer charges double his cost to make a book, then I assume that he will charge the public about $7 per book. Add on the royalties for the publisher and the writer, and you shoot up the price even more. This would end up costing more than the basic price of a paperback, so who benefits, then?

Writers might. Writers can send their files electronically to the Espresso machine and have them printed while on their way to pick it up. As long as retailers settle at $8 a book, it ends up cheaper for writers to print their books on an Espresso than print the book with print-on-demand companies. Most print-on-demand book companies end up charging the writer over $10 just to print one, and that’s before shipping costs are added. As long as retailers make the use of the Espresso machine cost effective, a writer can price a book to be more competitive with bookstore prices and still receive some sort of royalty.

Another beauty of printing on the Espresso is that writers and publishers can see exactly where their content has been ordered and produced, and the system tracks all the data needed to divvy up royalties, production costs, network fees, etc.

All of this is only good news to writers if stores and libraries are smart about their pricing system. In England there is a set fee of $17 a book, plus 4c for every page, although a popular book costs the same as its cover price. Rare books could cost about $25. Not so smart. . . .

Libraries and bookstores will be the main outlets for this machine. As I write, the Espresso machines are available in the following places in the US:

Internet Archive, San Francisco
New Orleans Public Library
University of Michigan Library
Northshire Bookstore, Vermont
Brigham Young University Bookstore, Provo, Utah
University of Arizona Bookstore, Tucson, AZ
University of Missouri Bookstore, Columbia, MO
The InfoShop, The World Bank (exhibition, 2006), Washington, District of Columbia

New York Public Library, SIBL (exhibition, 2007), New York, New York
Click here to find the location of Espressos in other countries. Click here for more information about the Espresso machine.

Sally Hanan is a starving writer in the sunny land of Texas.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We Did It! We’re Number One!

A few weeks ago I asked the Writers in the Sky community to support my WITS client and author friend, Allison Maslan in the launch of her new book, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality. I want to thank each of you who bought her book and hope to encourage you to read it and put it into practice to make 2010 the best and most profitable and enjoyable year ever.

Here’s a note from Allison to thank you for your efforts that landed her at the top of the bestseller lists in three countries.


My Book Hit #1 on Amazon US and Canada!

Yes. Together, we did it.

I am still spinning from last week's Blast Off book launch and touched so deeply by your incredible outpouring of support. As we watched the stats climb to #1 in two categories on Amazon US and Canada, and hit the best seller list in the UK, I was jumping up and down like a kid on her 5th birthday! The experience has been completely surreal. Literally, a dream come true.

I assure you that this would not have happened without you. I can write all day long, but if no one buys my book and reads it, my words will just sit on the page and not impact anyone.

After two years of intense dedication to my Blast Off! book, Workbook and Blastation Interactive Goal Setting and Life Coaching Software, software, it has been incredibly gratifying to get this phenomenal response. We often put our heart and soul into something, (and some blood, sweat and tears), and wonder if anything will come of it. So allow me be a mirror for you and know that if you stick with your dream, and give it the passion and effort it needs to grow, you will flourish in your personal life, your work, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is not about the money. It is not about the accolades. It is about the personal satisfaction you'll receive from giving your very best effort, regardless of the outcome. The rest is the cherry on top.

I just wanted to send you a giant heartfelt thank you. As I said before, the power of a group moves mountains, and in this case, Mount Everest shifted at least a mile! Now I cannot wait to hear your thoughts once you read my book, and hopefully lots of great personal and professional stories of change. Please send me a note. I truly hope Blast Off! lights a fire under your feet to take action and embrace your life goals and visions.

Here is what one reader just e-mailed me:

" I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful book! It is fantastic, inspirational and presented in a way that I think all readers will understand, regardless of their journey. I am sure your book will touch many people's lives." ~ Julie Santella

If you have not purchased my book, Blast Off!, yet, you can still receive the over 20 amazing bonus gifts until Friday, January 29th. The top authors and coaches that teamed up with me were so blown away by the response that it was not hard to twist their arms to extend their amazing offer a few more days. Just click this link below for your copy and valuable gifts.

PS. I am headed on a cross country book tour in February and March to Phoenix, Charlotte, New York City, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles. Pass the word to your friends and relatives in those cities. Check my Facebook Fan Page and website for dates and event information. I will be back in San Diego in between each stop to take care of my wonderful homeopathic and coaching clients,... and my awesome husband!
Much love and gratitude,


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Turning The Dream into a Manuscript

By Maureen Hume

My name is Maureen Hume, I live in Tasmania the beautiful island state of Australia and I am a writer.

Those last four words give me a buzz every time I hear them. I’ve been hearing them in my head ever since I was old enough to read my first bulky cardboard book but it’s only during the last year that I can proudly say them out loud. So that’s around forty years of the silent mantra. Who waits forty years for a dream to come true? Who pampers and protects the dream? Who never lets the dream die? A writer.

Are you still doing the silent mantra? If you are this article is for you.
First of all I’m very much Mrs Average, I don’t have a degree in anything, although my husband would say I excel in talking during good movies, and I live a fairly isolated existence. But the wonders of the Internet and the mastery of Google make all things possible.

If you have an idea for your story but haven’t started the actual writing yet it’s a good idea to research possible publishers first. Make a list of suitable publishers and their guideline submissions, that way you start with a clear goal and when your manuscript is good to go you’ll have your next step organized. If you’re already in the middle of your story it’s still a good move to check out publishers, it’s disheartening to have to cut and mold your precious finished manuscript to fit a particular set of guidelines.

There are many small, independent publishing houses who happily accept unsolicited/unagented work but if you have your heart set on a larger publisher you will need to get an agent for them to consider your work. Getting an agent is the same deal as finding a suitable publisher. Research which agents deal with your category and submit your work, if accepted they pitch your manuscript to publishers.

It’s a very simple three step plan, research publishers, write your story, submit to publisher, and it really is that simple but unfortunately not that easy.
In the publishing world your book will start life as a tiny piece of straw in a huge pile of hay, to give it the best chance to rise to the top it must be the very best you can make it. Continue to hone your skill by reading as much about writing as you can. Once finished leave your story alone for three months then go back and revise it again, you’ll be amazed how many things you find that need fixing. Join a critique group and accept their feedback, good or bad. If you can afford it a professional edit is the best way to give your manuscript its final polish.

Research and practice all forms of submission letters, cover letters, query letters and put your heart and soul in to an eye popping synopsis. All of this will take up a vast amount of time and is equally important as your finished manuscript.

Lastly, prepare to be rejected time and time again, this is an unavoidable rite of passage for all writers, but it means you are in the system. A manuscript doing the publishing house shuffle is so much better than a manuscript chanting the silent mantra in your head.

If you’re interested in seeing my work please go to my website.

Maureen Hume was raised on an Australian sheep farm and while the farmhouse didn't have a television or even a telephone it did have a room lined with books. It was in this room that Maureen's love of the written word began. But it wasn't until a minor illness in her forties forced spare time her way and the dream became a manuscript and eventually a published book. Maureen lives a serene in a mud brick house with her husband and six adopted disabled bunnies. Maureen is the author the children's book, The Pizza Gang: Facing The Witch.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Linking to Share the Love on Valentine's Day

In celebration of the Love we all are part of, I'd like to invite the readers of Writers in the Sky Blog and E-zine to "Link Up and Share the Love." It's a blog chain that I am forming as a special WITS community event.

What is a Blog Chain?

A blog chain involves about a dozen people who have a blog and want to participate in a fun group activity. Each participant visits the blog of every person on the chain within one week of being sent the list of URLs. When visiting each blog, participants read and comment on one post they find interesting. When you leave a comment on the other eleven blogs you will in turn receive eleven comments on your own blog. And, the search engines smile upon you because this kind of activity increases your blog's popularity and raises its ranks in search engines.

By leaving your name and URL on another person's blog, you establish a link back to your blog. This works like a link exchange on Web sites, but you do not have to permanently feature a site in the valuable space needed for promoting your own goods or services. The comment is usually hidden on a blog, but the link is there indefinitely. The link helps you; the comment helps the other blogger.

You may sign up for my next blog chain by sending an email to katie at writersinthesky dot net. Notice how I posted my admin's email address here. You'll have to use your imagination to put the pieces together, but that makes you smarter than the spamming software that normally grabs exposed email addresses.

Happy blogging and Happy Valentine's Day. Let's link up and share the love!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

To Pseudonym Or Not To Pseudonym

By Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Nora Roberts, the author of more than 150 romance novels, was asked why she writes romantic suspense novels under a pen name. Here is her answer:
"It's marketing."

In the article in Time magazine (Dec. 10, 2007), she says because she writes quickly that makes it difficult for her publisher to publish all of her work. Plus the works she labels penned by J. D. Robb are "edgier" she says. "Putting it under a pseudonym helps brand it for the reader."

Writers will find information on the concept of branding in The Frugal Book Promoter (

They'll find information on the concept of editing aThe Frugal Book Promoter’s. part of marketing (and therefore branding) in The Frugal Editor.
But I don't cover the use of pennames in either of those books, so if you are considering using a pen name here are the downsides to doing it:

1. It is very hard to keep a pen name secret. Everyone knows who Kristie Leigh Maguire is, as an example, and if people didn't know before that Robb was Nora Roberts' pen name, most of them will now.

2. It is very hard to promote in person, and it's especially hard if you choose an opposite sex pen name. In fact, promotion of all kinds can become touchy if you are intent upon keeping your real identity a secret.

3. Using a pen name isn't necessarily an effective barrier against law suits.

4. Without the power of a major publisher's marketing department behind you, the idea of reinventing your promotion and publicity campaign each time you change your name is daunting.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Books into Libraries

Despite all the book buzz online, it's still nice to get your book onto a library shelf. For most of us, this seems like an exclusive right devoted to an exclusive group of best-selling authors. While some piece of this is true, the reality is that if you have a good book, you can get into the library system. Here's how.

First, why would you care about hitting the library market? Because in a slow book sales season, as we've seen in the past few months, libraries are a great way to get to your reader.

What they buy: Each library gets a budget and they can spend it any way they want. Unlike Barnes and Noble, where their book purchases are often dictated by publishers or a sales order from their corporate office, libraries operate independently of each other. Libraries will generally buy hardback and trade books and tend to shy away from mass market paperbacks, but if you're in the latter category, don't let this deter you. There's still a lot of wiggle room when it comes to library orders and a few creative ways to get into their system.

Getting to know your local library: if you want to get into your local library it's important to get to know them, so dust off your library card, stop by and introduce yourself. Get to know who you're selling to.

Library websites: if your local library has a website, see if there's a place to make book recommendations. If you have local fans, encourage them to do the same on their library websites.

Library events: if you've been trying to get into your local bookstore to do an event but haven't gotten much traction, why not consider doing a library event (or two)? It's a great way to get "into" your local library, become acquainted with them, meet your local readers, and well, you know - get more exposure for your book. Many libraries also have reading groups that you might be able to participate in.

Reviews: most libraries look to review sources for their selections as well. Consider submitting your book to the following publications for review: Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, and Forecast. These publications are largely ready by libraries and often librarians will buy based on a good review in one of these publications. You don't need to get reviews in all of them (though wouldn't that be great?) - getting a review in one of them should be more than sufficient to catch the eye of a ready-to-buy librarian.

Popularity: librarians like to stock what's popular, even locally. So if you're doing a lot of local events, talks, or speaking gigs, make sure and let your local libraries know. Also, if you're going to do TV or radio be sure and alert your library, thus giving them sufficient time to order the book.

Libraries might not seem as "glamorous" as the store window of Barnes and Noble, but libraries have considerably more staying power. Once your book is in their system it's in there for as long as your book is in print and the library sees there are readers for it. Also, consider the reorders as your local library will (hopefully) bring in more than one copy. Libraries are a not-to-be-overlooked part of your marketing campaign, and if you missed the review window, don't fret. You might still be able to gain some interest via events and local popularity!

Reprinted from "The Book Marketing Expert newsletter," a free e-zine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.
For more in-depth information about selling to libraries, along with contact information for top library systems, wholesalers, and review journals, check out The Savvy Book Marketer's Guide to Selling to Libraries.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poetry Corner January 2010

Snowflakes in the Air

Snowflakes are melting on my face
as I hold it up to the sky.
They melt on the tip of my nose
like as I go strolling by.

Funny how they don't make a sound
as they fall from high above
to caress my hair and eyelids
like the touch of the man I love.

Snowflakes in the air
Love is all aound us
What more could anyone ask for?
No need to fuss
Lets go play in the snow
like we used to do.

Let the snowflakes land on our faces
and our youth we will renew!


Irene Brodsky
Author of Poetry Unplugged (Outskirts Press)

Bad Time, Sad Time

Hey ole buddy
It’s been awhile
Gimme a hug
Gimme a smile

Uh-oh, your eyes
What’s up with you
Now tell it all
And tell it true

Your Daddy’s sick
Your Mama’s sad
Pain in your eyes
It must be bad

Don’t wait – go now
Cry some, laugh some
Share some prayers
Nothing can help

Do what you can
Listen to him
Just hold his hand
He’ll tell some tales

You’ll share some laughs
Look at scrap books
And time will pass
Can’t stay too long

Just hold them tight
You’ll go back soon
It’s not good-bye
So dear old friend

I’m sad for you
Please let me know
What I can do

Jan Bossing© 2009

Just a Woman?

I command attention, and demand respect
I take what I want, and give what I get
I’m told there’s a fine line between sleazy and sexy.
Radical and racy.
I’m often accused of being just a lady
My love is mistaken as obsession, crying is considered a weapon
Rather than an expression of what I feel inside
Only because I am just a woman
Too fragile to be strong, too emotional to hold on
Too beautiful to have brains, too weak to refrain from
Making a change, or stand for what I believe
So I ask who draws these lines, and define behind which line I should reside?
Remain the same? Play the game? Place blame? Or aim to tame the lame
Attitude of being just a woman. I emerge from existence, with the essence of
Lessons learned, and the proud title of being a Woman I’ve earned.

© Deondriea


A Spark Of Gratefulness
Lights The Eternal Presence
An Act Of Peacefulness
Brings Love To Separation
The Glow Of Thank You
Magnifies A World
Of Beauty

Hal Manogue

Have You Lost Your Mind?

Make up? You say you want to make up.
You’re telling me you didn’t mean to be so unkind.
Wake up! After such a fiery breakup
I think we need a little shakeup.
Baby, have you lost your mind?

You and me are like fire and ice.
We can’t exist together.
We’ve been angry since the day we met.
For us to try and see it through
And brave the stormy weather
Would only bring us oceans of regret.

Move on. It’s time for us to move on.
Let our story play out to the end
And let it unwind.
But you say you want to keep us both in play,
Try to find another way.
Baby, have you lost your mind?

There’s no need to disagree.
The answer should be crystal clear.
I don’t know why you can’t see
The only way we should go from here.
But there you stand with your heart in hand
And I am trying hard to find
The words to make you understand the truth…
Baby, have you lost your mind?

Dennis S Martin.

The Shrine
Deep within the heart of the city of San Antonio,
Stands a national shrine called the Alamo.
Behind its aging walls, gallant men fought and died,
For the preservation of Texas Liberty.
If only those wall could speak,
Of the legend behind the Alamo;
If the ghosts of the fallen heroes could see
Their efforts were not in vain.
If Bowie, Crockett and Travis could return
To see Texas, proud and free.
Resplendent in their battle regalia,
To know and treasure it would be,
To see those brave warriors
Who gave their all in this old
Spanish mission called the Alamo

Joseph A. Zapalac-is a native born Texas, born on July 4, 1938. His love for writing began early in life and his passion for writing gives him the ability to creatively paint vivid scenes with pen and paper, allowing the reader to revisit yesteryear.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Using Your Blog as a Marketing Tool

by Suzanne Lieurance

Unlike personal blogs that simply convey information about the writer's day or thoughts about life or certain issues, a blog created to promote your writing and writing services can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

In that case, the blog doesn't need to be ALL about YOU. In fact, the more you post about other writers, writing opportunities, and writing services, the better for YOU.

Why is that, you ask? Well, for one thing, as a writer you want to attract other writers to your blog as well as people who are looking for a writer to write something for them.

Use your blog to show off your writing skills and talents, of course. But also, stop and think about this - How can you best SERVE the people who read your blog? Many times, you can best serve your readers by directing them to information written by and/or about someone else.

Still, your readers will consider you a value source because you provide them with the kinds of information they need, even if you don't write, or directly provide, all of that information yourself. And that will cause readers to come back to your blog time and time again because they know you'll always have helpful information for them. Plus, you won't have to write every single thing for your blog yourself. Some days you can simply post an article written by someone else to your blog.

Search for available articles at article directories like for articles that will help your readers. The other big payback to you for giving information from, and about, other sites and writers will be that those others sites and writers you direct your readers to will be thankful that you sent traffic to their sites, so they'll likely send traffic to yours too.

It's a win-win-win situation. You win, your readers win, and the resources you direct your readers to win.

Suzanne Lieurance is a freelance writer, the author of 22 (at last count) published books, and the Working Writer's Coach. For more tips to help build your own freelance business, subscribe to her free twice weekly newsletter, Build Your Business Write at

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Three Key Barriers That Keep People From Reaching Their Dreams

Are there any areas of your life that you are limiting yourself? Be totally honest. In your career, is there something you would just love to be doing, but have no idea how to make it happen? Or maybe you feel intimidated to even try? What if you knew that your new venture or challenge would be a sure thing. You would go for it. Wouldn’t you?

In your relationship, have you settled in your choices because you’re afraid you might not find anyone better? Do you stay in your current relationship because of fear?

There are 3 key barriers that tend to hold people back from venturing out into the wild blue yonder.

Fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being judged, fear of the unknown, fear of loss of security, fear of not enjoying your choices…I could go on.

Disconnection from Passion. You know that feeling. The one that fills you up with bubbles of excitement and satisfaction. Often hard to get there when you have felt stuck, held back, trapped for some time.

Lack of direction. You may not be afraid. You may know exactly what you want to do. But you have no idea how to make it happen. This is not an uncommon scenario.

Can you relate?

What if you had a book that helped you solve the mystery to all three barriers? I know where you would be right now. Dancing in the streets!

I highly recommend, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan To Launch Your Dreams Into Reality, by life and business strategist, Allison Maslan, that is being released in just a few days on January 19th. In this powerful book, Allison unlocks the mystery of what is holding you back from living the life you truly desire. Then she helps you devise a new plan for each area of your life while guiding you to put one step in front of the other. Blast Off! is your very own roadmap to a brand new life.
Blast Off! really helps the reader break through barriers of fear, guides them to tap into their deeper passions, and then gives them the tools to create a step-by-step roadmap toward their big picture visions in their personal and professional life. Then they know exactly what to do on a daily basis to move these dreams from their head into reality.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity. When you buy this powerful new book, Blast Off! on January 19, 2010, you will receive more than 20 unbelievably awesome FREE gifts (including one from me!). There are e-books, DVDs, audios, and courses from top authors and coaches who have graciously teamed up to celebrate this momentous occasion. For only $16.00, the price of Allison’s book on Amazon, you will receive hundreds of dollars in coaching, support, and guidance. It does not get much better than that!

Blast Off! can change lives. Help me to get the word out. Pass this link on to your friends, family—anyone you love that needs a big, bold nudge! Sign up for Allison’s launch reminder so you don’t miss it!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Calling for Submissions for February 2010 Ezine

It's time for me to start putting together the next fantastic and information-filled e-zine for February 2010. That means I need you to send me your articles, contest announcements, and brags to be included in the next issue. We have more than enough book reviews, but if I have room for them, I'll include them.

Read our guidelines for submittal here. Remember, the better your piece is written, the better attention and credibility it receives--and the less editing I have to do.

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Book with a View January 2010

Kendra’s Pearl
Author: K. L. Lewis
ISBN: 978-0-595-53513-2
Publisher: iUniverse, 2009<
Genre and Target Market: fiction; family relationships; emotional abuse
Pages: 159
Reviewed by: Sarah Moore

For me, it is easy to enjoy a piece of literature if the story is well-written and the characters are believable. I have had a passion for reading ever since I was old enough to hold a book, so I enjoy the opportunity to get lost in the written word. However, most of these books lose my attention soon after I finish reading the last page. It was a great read and I will recommend the author to others, but I quickly move onto the next selection that interests me at the library or local bookstore. There are instances, though, in which the writing and the emotions of a novel are so powerful that they resonate with me long after I close the cover and place the book back on my shelf. Such is the case with the new release Kendra’s Pearl by author K. L. Lewis.

Kendra’s Pearl, the first work of fiction for Lewis, focuses on the life of a young girl who finds herself a primary target of her mother’s emotional and physical abuse. This tragic cycle begins when Kendra is only a preschooler and her father is killed in a motorcycle accident, and worsens as her mother enters relationships that are destructive and result in more children towards whom she throws her resentment. The novel follows Kendra through her entire childhood and into her independence as an adult, through which the readers will discover if she develops the strength and the life skills to create a life better than the one her mother had known.

K. L. Lewis uses language to create vivid, emotional scenes for her readers. There were multiple instances in which I actually felt a physical reaction to the rage and abuse that Kendra’s mother, Pearl, heaped upon her beautiful, young daughter. The cast of characters who create Kendra’s extended family try their best to offer support to Kendra and her siblings, but also struggle with their own dysfunctions and addictions that are revealed throughout the book. Lewis really captures the sense of chaos that dominates Kendra’s life. From her time as a young child and through the adolescent years during which every girl needs a sense of confidence and safety, Kendra rarely had a safe place to fall.

Whether or not the readers of Kendra’s Pearl grew up in a home with an abusive parent, I imagine that many of them will be able to relate to the book in some way. I know that I certainly have experience with being treated poorly by a person from whom I only desired love and attention, and that made Kendra’s story personal for me. K. L. Lewis’ writing is raw and brutal in its depiction of Kendra Haywood and her family, making it obvious that the author wanted to evoke a strong reaction from her readers. There is no sugarcoating within the pages of Kendra’s Pearl, and the result is both disturbing and captivating.

It did not take many pages of Kendra’s Pearl for me to become a fan of K. L. Lewis’ writing. She made me care about the characters in her novel, each of whom was skillfully developed to be a multidimensional personality. There were no “good” or “bad” people in Kendra’s Pearl, because their problems are much too complex for these simple descriptions. I was able to find reasons to criticize, as well as sympathize with, each one. I certainly hope that Ms. Lewis plans to continue with more published books, as her writing provides an important message about the human condition and the complexity of family.

Talking with Angels
Author: Richard & Denise Tuminello
ISBN: 978-1-4327-4431-1
Publisher:, 2009
Genre and Target Market: spirituality, New Age
Pages: 363
Reviewed by: Sarah Moore

As someone who works in the writing and publishing industry, I am asked to read dozens of books every month. More often than not, I can find some aspect of the book about which I am able to share some positive feedback. After all, these published manuscripts are the very personal creations of their authors and therefore offer unique connections to the human condition. I enjoy the opportunity I have in my field to discover the many different ways in which people express their emotions through the written word. However, it is unusual for a book to reach my desk at just the right moment in my life that its impact on me is greater than simply an appreciation for good literature. The new release Talking with Angels by Richard and Denise Tuminello is one such book. Recent events in my life have made me more open to new ideas, and Talking with Angels certainly is a work that has introduced me to concepts and practices that were wholly unfamiliar to me before.

This husband and wife team of writers offers up what is essentially their personal journal of spiritual discovery over the last several years. It begins with Rich detailing his first experience at The Monroe Institute in the beautiful mountains of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. This learning facility was created to promote the expansion of the human consciousness and the exploration of existence beyond the physical realm. Rich shares his impressions of the physical environment that surrounded him, an overview of what students at the Institute can expect on their first visit, and how his life was transformed by his time studying there.

The second part of the book focuses on the chronological retelling of experiences that Rich and Denise have had in their sessions with Angels and other Star Beings. When readers encounter these entries, each of which is dated just as one would expect in a journal, they will feel as if they are being allowed into private, emotional moments. Rich and Denise even engage in a written dialogue with one another in many of the entries, comparing their experiences during sessions with the Angels. By exposing their raw emotions and the undeniable effect that opening up to this non-physical world has on them, the authors create a connection with each reader. I certainly could sense the joy and the fullness of life practically leaping from the page.

If presented with this book six months ago, I would have given it a skeptical glance and quickly dismissed any possibility that the material could have intelligent substance. Discussions about visiting a Café in the Astral Realm and the merging of souls is not comfortable territory for someone who has enjoyed the tangible, verifiable aspects of the physical world in which we live. However, the quality of the writing struck me right away and provoked a willingness to give the actual content a chance. Once I removed my existing hesitations, I allowed myself to develop an emotional connection while reading interesting, heartfelt material. While I still may not be able to relate to all of the ways in which Denise and Rich expanded their consciousness, the book did expose me to new possibilities in communication and create a desire in me to learn more.

Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Therapy Dog Visits Libby’s House
Author: Barbara Techel
Publisher: Joyful Paws (January 1, 2010)
ISBN: 0980005248
Reviewer: Yvonne Perry

Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Therapy Dog Visits Libby’s House by Barbara Gail Techel is about a dachshund named Frankie who is paralyzed in her hind quarters. She has been fitted for a doggie wheelchair (dog cart) that helps her get around. It also helps people identify with her—especially children and elderly folks who are managing life with a disability.

In the book, the author tells how Frankie became a certified therapy dog when friend recognized the gentle nature of the animal and how much she seemed to enjoy being around people and allowing them to pet her. Soon Barbara and Frankie started visiting a senior assisted living facility known as Libby’s House. There, she meets senior-aged residents who simply adore her.

Frankie tells her story from her own “doggie” point of view. I especially like this passage in the book:

As we stroll off the elevator, a man in a wheelchair comes rolling toward us.

“Oh, what do we have here?” He reaches down and strokes my fur. “You have wheels just like me, little pup. What happened?”

My mom told the kind man how I hurt my back and how my dog cart helps me walk. His eyes filled with tears. “That is so wonderful! How nice of you to come here to visit,” he says. “You just made my day!”

Mom lifts me onto Daniel’s lap. “You are so special, Frankie,” he says. I look up at him and notice his eyes are filling with tears. “I feel so sorry for her,” Daniel says sadly.

“You don’t need to feel sorry for Frankie,” Mom says. “Visiting you makes her very happy.”

“It does?” Daniel holds me close. “Frankie is perfect, unlike me. I am not perfect,” Daniel’s voice cracks.

“We think you are perfect just the way you are.” My mom reassures Daniel. I rest my head on his knee and raise my eyebrows. Daniel smiles and his whole face lights up.

It takes a lot of time, energy, love, and dedication to care for an animal that has special needs. Frankie’s owner (and the author of the Frankie stories), Barbara Techel, has to help Frankie move her bowels because she cannot feel when she needs to go. I admire this author. Not only does she happily meet Frankie’s needs, she allows Frankie to use her disability to bless others and teach the rest of us how to accept those who have a disability.

I highly recommend this book to children AND adults. We all need to have our heart strings tugged every now and then.

Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan
Author: Ed Benjamin, Colonel, USAF (retired)
ISBN Number: 978-1-4327-4428-1
Publisher:, 2009
Genre and Target Market: government, business
Pages: 186
Reviewed by: Sarah Moore

I am not revealing any great secret by sharing that our country is struggling through difficult economic conditions. The unemployment rate has risen above ten percent for the first time in more than twenty-five years and home foreclosures continue to be a regular feature on the real estate market. When President Obama took office nearly a year ago, one way that he determined to improve the situation was through a stimulus package that was part of a $3 trillion budget. For many people, all of the activity in Washington, which also funnels down to the state and local governments, seems to be a bureaucratic endeavor removed from their everyday lives. However, a new book by Ed Benjamin explains how any one of us can make money from the spending decisions of our government.

Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan is written by a man whose expertise on the subject is undeniable. Ed Benjamin, a retired Air Force Colonel, spent years involved in weapons system procurement for the military and since then has used this knowledge to help clients win over $12 billion in contracts. Whether or not you agree with the policies of President Obama, Benjamin shows you why there is no reason that you cannot benefit from the administration’s decisions.

This book is designed for everyone, from the experienced entrepreneur who is ready to extend his business into the public sector to the person who has never before considered proposing an idea to the government. Benjamin covers every aspect of the proposal process, from explaining how the government buys goods and services and what the basic qualifications are for being a part of this business to how to read a solicitation and write a proposal that gives you the best chance for success. The book even includes a great section listing helpful resources for every state. Once the readers take even a quick look through the contents of Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan, I believe they will be convinced that dealing with the government is not such an intimidating prospect after all.

Even though Ed Benjamin is clearly an expert in his field, he does not forget to include the most basic of concepts. The table of contents delineates every paragraph and the topic it features. In fact, the book is written much like a proposal—a proposal that encourages readers to get involved! Website links are shared through the book so that readers are able to retrieve more details about specific programs. There is not a single page in the book that does not help its readers towards their final goal.

Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan probably is not a book that you will curl up with for a lazy afternoon at the beach. It’s not even meant to read from beginning to end. Instead, it is a manual that was created to get marked, creased, and well-worn as its owner takes the steps necessary to earn his or her piece of the $3 trillion pie. Ed Benjamin has written an accessible and content-rich tool that is based in experience and an obvious ability to teach. If you are ready to learn a new way to create your own success, get a copy of Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan today!

Blood Betrayal
Author: Mike Thompson
ISBN: 978-1-4327-4802-9
Publisher:, 2009
Genre and Target Market: suspense; fiction
Pages: 277
Reviewed by: Sarah Moore

There are certain elements that, for me, create an especially compelling piece of dramatic fiction. If the book features episodes of violence or fear that are just as powerful for their psychological effect as they are for the acts themselves, I’m going to be drawn to the story. I have a great appreciation for writing that really explores what is occurring in a person’s mind, no matter how twisted. When this complicated sense of terror is found within the context of family relationships, the plot becomes even more captivating. First-time author Mike Thompson captures both of these features with his gripping new release Blood Betrayal

Blood Betrayaldetails the story of Dimitri Magnussen, a veteran who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder following seven years in the Special Forces, and the murder spree that he embarks upon while on a family hunting trip with his brother and son. As the story unfolds through the eyes of his brother Wolf, the progression of Dimtri’s violent rage and his terrifying crimes makes him into a character with seemingly no conscience or hesitation to spill blood. However, revelations that are left unknown to the reader until the closing chapters of the book will complicate the situation and, at least for this reader, create an uncomfortable sense of ambiguity.

Mike Thompson does a wonderful job of using language to create a dark and suspenseful environment. As I turned each page of Blood Betrayal I began to sense each dark corner and mysterious noise that existed in the comfort of my home. Even when the mood is a frightening one, I love getting lost in a book that transplants me into every emotion and experience in the story. From the terror that Wolf feels when he does not know who or what is stalking him in the mountains to the climatic moments during which Dmitri becomes the hunted and shocking family secrets are revealed, Thompson makes sure that every word contributes to the growing suspense.

I believe the impact of Blood Betrayal was multiplied for me by the current events that we see on the news every evening. The record number of PTSD cases stemming from the military conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq has made many Americans more aware of this frightening reality. It is apparent that Thompson uses his own experience as a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and as a Close Quarters Combat instructor to develop the characters in this book and that makes their personalities even more riveting. While the character of Dmitri Magnussen is certainly an extreme case, I know that shedding light on this emotional topic will continue to be important for years to come.

With Blood Betrayal, Mike Thompson has crafted a novel that will attract fans of suspense and those who appreciate the successful efforts of the author to bring his own expertise into a fictional format. The plot is unique and undoubtedly will have the readers guessing until the very last page, with a conclusion that warranted an audible gasp from me as I sat alone in my living room. On the back cover of his book, Thompson shares that Blood Betrayal is just the first release in the Wolf Magnussen series and I look forward to discovering what Thompson has in store for us next.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Free Webinar! "Declare 2010 the Year of You, the Writer"

If you are planning to write a book in 2010, you should know about my good friend Stephanie Gunning’s Get a Book Deal™ coaching program. As you know I am a great student of the spiritual practices that support creativity. Stephanie published Audacious Creativity, and drove it onto the Amazon bestseller list. She is a publishing strategist and former senior editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell with expertise in the categories of self-help, spirituality, alternative medicine, and new thought (though, frankly, she could edit anything—she’s really smart, and funny!). As a writer she is the coauthor/ghostwriter of 22 published books. Her editorial clients include major best-selling authors Gregg Braden, Hale Dwoskin, and Arielle Ford, among others. She’s mastered the art of transforming powerful ideas into marketable books and her program is designed to help writers, like you, get started on the road to success in as little as 60 to 90 days.

On Wednesday, January 13 at 8 ET/5 PT, Stephanie is leading a free webinar “Declare 2010 the Year of You, the Writer” (on the topic of How to Get the Year Started Off ‘Write’). If you want to attend, click this link (you can ask questions):

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Network with Us January 2010

Shift Happens.

But, the shift you want can happen faster with information that helps you move forward in any area of your life. Read the latest issue of State of Appreciation from Joyce Shafer, Life Empowerment Coach and author (, to see how you can get one or all eight free life-shifting e-books, life coaching e-books at a bargain (including Reinvent Yourself: Refuse to Settle for Less in Life and Business plus the gift e-book, Discovering Your Life Purpose), and the free You Are More! EXTRA that made Scribd’s hot list the first week it went live. See

Story Poems: A Tool for Writing Our Stories Workshop

Want to know more about memoir? Come to the fifth Story Circle Network National Women's Memoir Conference Stories from the Heart. Save the dates: February 5-7, 2010 at the Wyndham Hotel in Austin, Texas.
As part of Storytelling Ways and Means, Janet Riehl presents Story Poems: A Tool for Writing Our Stories. The story poem is an often-overlooked form for telling stories. The workshop discusses the genre and its unique niche in storytelling. You'll compare samples of prose and story-poetry and practice turning your own prose into a story poem.

Buy our new audio book Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music at Become a Riehlife Villager at

This is a great way to search for blogs on particular topics.

The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is open to anyone who loves expressing innermost thoughts and feelings into the beautiful art of poetry or writing a short story that is worth telling everyone! And to all who have the ability to dream. Write a poem or short story for a chance to win cash prizes! All works must be original.

Don't suffer with book proposals. You can be a pro with an investment of only 20 minutes and 49 cents with Carolyn Howard-Johnson's Great First Impression Book Proposal Short on

Writers in the Sky offers ghostwriting and editing for books, e-books, biographies, and memoirs, as well as media releases, marketing copy, résumés, query letters, book proposals, and articles. See

Learn to write in theta with Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within by Janet Conner. The author will be a guest on WITS Podcast in February.

Everything in this newsletter, as well as the entries that space would not allow us to publish, will be posted on our e-zine blog during the next month.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Podcast Schedule for January 2010

January 1

Author’s assistant Sarah Moore will sit down with author K. L. Lewis to discuss her new release Kendra’s Pearl. This novel follows the childhood of Kendra Haywood, who loses her dad to a motorcycle accident at a young age and then lives as the focus of her mother’s abuse and resentment. During the interview, Ms. Lewis will discuss why she decided to focus on such an emotional topic, the message she hopes readers will take away from Kendra’s Pearl, and why she believes emotional abuse by mothers is so prevalent. Please visit the Amazon website to purchase Kendra’s Pearl.

January 8

Denise and Richard Tuminello will be Yvonne Perry's guest as they share Talking With Angels, a practical, engaging book that chronicles how Rich went from being spiritually unaware to replete with wisdom—all thanks to his communicating with angels. With their help, he unlocks his past lives, discovers healing powers and learns incredible secrets of the universe. Denise Hunter-Tuminello has been seeing spirit and having precognitive dreams and visions since she was young. She has studied mediumship and spirituality under renowned teachers from the Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead, England. Richard has been a member of The Journey Within Spiritualist Church for many years. Rich is a member of The Monroe Institute in Virginia and has taken the Gateway, Remote Viewing, and the Manifestation Creation2 courses.

January 15

The Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogarty, is coming to Writers in the Sky Podcast! Mark your calendars or subscribe to RSS for WITS Podcast so you don't miss it. Mignon is the creator of Grammar Girl and the founder and managing director of Quick and Dirty Tips. A magazine writer, technical writer, and entrepreneur, she has served as a senior editor and producer at a number of health and science web sites. She has a B.A. in English from the University of Washington in Seattle and an M.S. in biology from Stanford University. She will be discussing her book Grammar Girl's Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing and her new devotional guide, The Grammar Devotional: Daily Tips for Successful Writing from Grammar Girl.

January 22

We will have a guest author and a guest interviewer when Amanda McCurley, the daughter-in-law of WITS owner Yvonne Perry, hosts R.A. Riekki as they discuss U.P. The novel, which takes place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, tells the coming-of-age story of four teenage boys. Each young man offers his own narrative to a world that is often violent and heartbreaking. The author will discuss any personal connections to the area of the country that is the focus of the book, why the teenage characters were the chosen demographic, and what readers should take away from the novel.
January 29

Barbara Techel will be discussing her latest book Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Therapy Dog Visits Libby’s House. This book is about a dachshund named Frankie who is paralyzed in her hind quarters. She has been fitted for a doggie wheelchair (dog cart) that helps her get around. It also helps people identify with her—especially children and elderly folks who are managing life with a disability. In her interview with Yvonne Perry, Barbara will tell how Frankie became a certified therapy dog and started visiting a senior assisted living facility known as Libby’s House.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Editor's Corner January 2010

by Yvonne Perry

Typing, writing, or saying 2010 may take some getting used to! But, the new year is here and I'm expecting it to be the best one yet—both personally and for Writers in the Sky. The end of one year and the beginning of a new one is a time when most of us reflect upon our lives—or at least the past 365 days—and see what we have accomplished and then decide what changes need to be made in order to live a more fulfilling life. That's where Allison Maslan's new book, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality, can help. It will not only inspire you at your soul level, Allison also shares her insight, strategies and techniques to break through your limiting fears and beliefs, then guides you step-by-step to launch a completely new personal and professional path filled with astounding passion and meaning.

As I think over the past year, I can't help but smile because I have four beautiful grandsons who were born in 2009. Another highlight of the year is when my oldest biological grandson, Sidney, and I published The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children (ISBN: 9780982572207), a book containing the stories I wrote for him that teach a lesson based on adventures he and I had together. There are stories about overcoming fear, being environmentally conscious, helping others, being true to one’s self, following inner guidance, caring for the body, appreciating diversity, facing fears, dealing with change, and experiencing the death of a pet. From seeing ghosts in his closet at night to healing with herbs infused with the magic of the full moon, Sid and Von-Von explore some of the many ways children express their unique and powerful views.
Spending time with my grandchildren has provided me with an opportunity to talk about some pretty adult topics—some that many parents and teachers are hesitant to discuss with children. Reading The Sid Series may initiate some sophisticated conversations with your child or grandchild, so I've created a talent showcase that any child may enter. All they need to do is share a story by drawing, painting, sketching, singing, reading, or writing about how they learned or experienced a life lesson.

The showcase is not a contest; I don't believe children should be judged or rejected for their heart-felt creativity. Instead, every effort will be recognized and everyone's work will be included on my new blog: and in an e-book that can be shared with family and friends. Please review the guidelines and help your child participate in The Sid Series Children’s Talent Showcase.

To participate, you must be familiar with the lessons taught in The Sid Series. The full-color print book is only $15.95 and I am sure you and your child will enjoy reading it. There are e-books of the individual stories ($3 each), but if your family is financially unable to purchase a copy of the book, let me know which lesson your child wants to illustrate, speak, or write about, and I will send you a PDF of that story.

If someone forwarded this e-zine to you or if you happened to have stumbled upon this Web page, you may get your own subscription for free!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

January Podcasts Bring Listeners a Diverse Series of Subjects to Start the New Year

Writers in the Sky January Podcasts to Feature New Works of Fiction, a Guide for Writers, and a Memoir of Spiritual Growth

Nashville, TN, December 24, 2009—The Writers in the Sky podcast will begin the New Year with an exciting month of interviews that offers a great variety of program topics. The year starts with a work of fiction that explores a difficult mother and daughter relationship, and the struggle to overcome a cycle of abuse. The following week brings a conversation with a couple who will share how they have expanded their consciousness through interactions with angels. The month continues when special guest Mignon Fogarty, also known as Grammar Girl, joins the podcast to discuss her work to help writers improve their craft. Next, the podcast will welcome a new author who will share a heartbreaking coming-of-age story. The month of January ends with a book that teaches children to maintain hope and a positive attitude in the face of challenges.

On New Year’s Day, WITS author’s assistant Sarah Moore will sit down with author K. L. Lewis to discuss her new release Kendra’s Pearl. This novel follows the childhood of Kendra Haywood, who loses her dad to a motorcycle accident at a young age and then lives as the focus of her mother’s abuse and resentment. During the interview, Ms. Lewis will discuss why she decided to focus on such an emotional topic, the message she hopes readers will take away from Kendra’s Pearl, and why she believes emotional abuse by mothers is so prevalent. Please visit the Amazon website to purchase Kendra’s Pearl.

Yvonne Perry will interview Rich and Denise Tuminello on January 8 about their new book, Talking with Angels. This book is part spiritual memoir and part handbook for those who are looking to expand their own consciousness. Talking with Angels details Rich’s introduction to, and subsequent enrichment through, The Monroe Institute in Virginia. The second half of the book reads much like a diary and both Rich and Denise share their experiences with angels and other spirits. The husband and wife writing team will be discussing how the techniques they practice lead to spiritual enlightenment, why they were compelled to share their story, and what the listeners can do to begin their own journey. To purchase Talking with Angels, please visit the Amazon website.

The podcast series continues on January 15 when Yvonne Perry will welcome our very special guest, Mignon Fogarty, to the program. Many listeners will recognize Ms. Fogarty as Grammar Girl, as her popular website has helped a countless number of authors through the writing and editing process. Ms. Fogarty will be discussing her book, Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Better Writing, as well as the work she does on her website. She will share some of the most common mistakes that writers make with their grammar and how listeners can use the resources she provides to improve their own work. Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Better Writing can be purchased by visiting the Amazon website.

On January 22, special contributor Amanda McCurley will interview R. A. Riekki, author of the novel U.P. The book, which takes place in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, tells the coming-of-age story of four teenage boys. Each young man offers his own narrative to a world that is often violent and heartbreaking. The author will discuss any personal connections to the area of the country that is the focus of the book, why the teenage characters were the chosen demographic, and what readers should take away from the novel. To purchase U.P., please visit the Amazon website.

The final podcast of the month will be on January 29 and will feature a discussion between Yvonne Perry and author Barbara Techel. They will be discussing Barbara Techel's second book: Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Therapy Dog Visits Libby's House. In this children’s story, readers get to know the true story of a dachshund that becomes paralyzed after a spinal injury. Frankie receives a customized wheelchair and shares a positive attitude that will give hope to anyone who is facing challenges. Barbara Techel will be discussing the real Frankie who served as the inspiration for her book, the series of stories in which Frankie is featured, and what impact she hopes Frankie’s story will have on her young readers. Please visit the Amazon website to purchase any of the books in the Frankie the Walk ‘n’ Roll Dog series.

“I couldn’t be happier with the way that we are starting a new year of podcasts,” shares Yvonne Perry, owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services, which produces the podcast. “The variety of guests is a great representation of the variety of writers with whom we get to work every day.”

About Writers in the Sky: Writers in the Sky blog, podcast, and newsletter is a three-fold production filled with information about writing, publishing, and book publicity created by Yvonne Perry as part of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services (

Listening to Writers in the Sky Podcast on a computer is easy. Go to On the right sidebar there is a list of archived shows. Click on the interview you would like to hear and it will open a post that has a link to the audio file.

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