Saturday, November 22, 2008

What This Writing E-zine Offers

This e-zine has a number of regular features each month. Look for it on the first Tuesday of each month either by email or RSS feed.
  • Author's Corner - Yvonne greets and gives updates on the WITS team.
  • Book with a View - quality book reviews written by WITS and our readers.
  • Poetry Corner - Readers contribute their poetry
  • Podcast Guest Lineup - Who will be featured on WITS podcast this month? This section will tell you about the guests and their books.
  • Network with Us - Announcements about contests, book releases, book tours, brag board, and other tidbits from our readership.
  • Articles by our readers - Each issues features five articles about writing, publishing, book marketing.
  • The Writing Life - JJ Murphy gives advice and tips to writers

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Calling for Submissions

I have space for three more articles about writing, editing, publishing, or book marketing in the December issue of Writers in the Sky E-zine. If you can tie the writing topic into something about the holidays, that would be even better.

Submission Guidelines for WITS E-zine

If you wish to contribute an article, advertorial, blurb, or announcement about writing, editing, publishing, or book marketing, please review the guidelines below and email your item to katie at writersinthesky dot com. Material that does not conform to these guidelines may not be accepted.

  • Articles must be content rich and pertain to the craft or business of writing, editing, publishing, or book marketing. Include your name and a short bio with your article so you may be given proper credit. You may include one link to your blog or Web site. Promotion of your own services is accepted if your piece offers good content that does not compete with services offered by WITS. Limit articles to 500 words or less.

  • All book, movie, TV program, and CD album titles should be in italics, do not use "quotation marks" or ALL CAPS.

  • Announcements of upcoming events, personal accomplishments, special offers, and such are accepted. Keep these to 250 words or less, and do not include more than two links with each blurb. You may submit more than one blurb.

  • No text boxes or photos will be accepted.

  • We run five book reviews per issue; those written by the WITS team receive priority. Other book reviews will be featured on our e-zine blog.

  • Poetry is accepted. One short work per person (less than 20 lines) will be published in each issue. Put your name at the bottom of your poem. You may include a short bio and a link to your blog or Web site.

Each contributing writer retains the copyright to his or her own piece of literature and may use it elsewhere. Since WITS does not charge a fee for the newsletter, we are unable to pay for submissions. However, the networking opportunity and exposure to approximately thousands of readers is priceless.

The newsletter will be sent on the first Tuesday of each month. All items must be received by the 24th day of the month prior.

View archived issues of Writers in the Sky E-zine.

Monday, November 17, 2008

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Those who subscribe to Writers in the Sky Newsletter are entitled to receive a complimentary e-book, Tips for Freelance Writing. This book has some great how-to information for those who are trying to get a freelance writing career off the ground!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Coming Soon! Writers in the Sky E-zine

Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services is in the process of launching a new Web-based magazine for authors, writer, and readers.

Our html newsletter has grown significantly and is becoming too large to send via email. Our current issue has 23 pages!