Friday, September 30, 2011

The Cobras: A Written Interview with Author Jim Daddio

Writers in the Sky is pleased to welcome author Jim Daddio in a written interview about his most recent novel, The Cobras.

Vonnie Faroqui: Some of the first questions that fans usually want to ask have to do with that moment of discovery, when you first knew that you wanted to be a writer; in part, because writing is one of those creative vocations that so many of us aspire too. Do you think of writing and being an author as a special calling or your purpose in life?
Jim Daddio: Writing is a passion. If a person believes in themselves and has a story to tell, fiction or non-fiction, it is important to find the tools to write it.

Faroqui: When did you first know you were a writer? How did you know?
Daddio: I was always told that I told a great story, that and in my business life, I was considered very creative in my ideas. I put the two together.

Faroqui: How do you find ideas for your books? How do you find inspiration, fill your creative well, so to speak . . ?
Daddio: I seem to always have ideas running through my mind. I try hard to create a different story or approach. My goal is always to create a fiction story that feels real to the reader.

Faroqui: What is it like to get that creative burst that evolves into a novel? How was that for you? What inspired you to write The Cobras?
Daddio: I was inspired to write The Cobras from people I've met over the years and the stories they've told me. I also did research on the FBI and law enforcement and created an FBI Agent from a composite of stories and my imagination.

Faroqui: Did you spend much time considering who you were writing for, or did you write for yourself?
Daddio: I would love to say that all readers would enjoy The Cobras, but it is a man's book. The Stuart News said, "The language is frank and the violence is central in this fast-paced thriller."

Faroqui: If you were to characterize your writing style how would you describe yourself? I try to develop stories about people that the reader can identify with.
Daddio: I want the reader to follow the characters throughout the story and understand the decisions they make, good or bad, and the consequences they face.

Faroqui: Some people believe that in order to be truly creative a person has to be tormented, or have deep inner turmoil? What do you think of that notion?
Daddio: Again writing is a joy and passion. If that's what drives a writer then the person's personal life shouldn't matter. This is especially for fiction. A non-fiction story can come from personal tragedy or turmoil in their life.

Faroqui: What experience in life has been the most helpful in preparing you as a writer?
Daddio: I've always traveled in my business life. Therefore I've had the opportunity to meet so many different people and be in so many places that the stories were always in front of me. It's taking all that and tying it together with imagination and the writer's privilege to embellish . . . (Ha, Ha.)

Faroqui: Do you have any advice to offer others, the would-be-writers out there, which might help them on their way?
Daddio: I have three rules; 1. It's called The End. Write it, finish it and have it edited. 2.) Understand your audience and find a publisher that matches your genre. 3.) Have a plan to market and promote your work. Don't count on the publisher on doing that for you.

Faroqui: Do you have anything you would like to share with your readers, thoughts, thanks, or news about upcoming books?
Daddio: I wrote a romance book with a humorous touch. I will be publishing it on an e-book only site. It is called The Choice. I tested it with three female readers and the response has been very satisfying. I also have signed with an agent to place a murder mystery, The Privileged.

Faroqui: What books have you written and where can your books be purchased?
Daddio: I have written a trilogy featuring a PI, Art Decco. "The Wind" on, "Las Vegas Dead" at and "Heaven or Hell-A Story of Human Trafficking" at wings-epress and

Faroqui: Do you have an author's website where fans can follow your work?
Daddio: Yes, I do and thank you for asking, it is

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