Monday, October 10, 2011

We Are One in Spirit Podcast Schedule October 2011

October 6: Transition, Expansion, and Transformation-a face-to-face discussion with LavendarRose and Vickie B. Majors. Learn some easy ways to transform your life as you raise your soul's vibration.

October 13: Dr. Andrew Cort will be discussing his new book, The Purpose of Religion: Enlightenment, Meaning and Love in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Symbology. In a world where religious differences often trigger hatred and violence, here is a book that celebrates the Decency, Wisdom and Unity of our traditions.

October 20 Dr. Susan Allison joins LavendarRose to discuss Allison's new book, Empowered Healer: Gain the Confidence, Power and Ability to Heal Yourself. The overnight disappearance of a diagnosed cancer nodule in the larynx, shrinking lesions in the brain, the healing of cervical cancer, the recovery from throat cancer and hepatitis C, excruciating pain gone virtually instantly, peripheral eyesight restored, blocked arteries cleared, depression and anxiety released in one session! Are they miracles? No. They are the work of the empowered healer—YOU! These are actual healings performed by the average person and documented by medical examination. And they are the result of the step-by-step formula for self-healing in Dr. Susan's new book!

October 27: Author Jackie Lapin will be joining Lavendar Rose to discuss Jackie's newest book, Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques for Manifest Your Desires. This book teaches you how to use the Law of Attraction with conscious visualization to proactively choose your future, rather than merely passively waiting for something to happen.

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