Saturday, October 8, 2011

Writers in the Sky Podcast Schedule October 2011

On October 7, Dr. Wilson Awasu sits down with team member Sarah Moore to discuss his new book Kathy's Good News.  This is Dr. Awasu's second visit to the Writers in the Sky podcast, having previously joined us to share his book Kim's Confessions.  In Kathy's Good News, Awasu publishes a series of actual emails that he exchanged with a twelve-year-old girl as he encouraged her to discover her own answers in her faith journey.  Kathy is a girl who grew up in a comfortable Christian home, but never felt the connection to her faith that she thought she should.  It is only after attending a seminar by Dr. Awasu that she comes to challenge her own upbringing and beliefs.  Dr. Awasu will discuss why he chose to share this relationship with the public, why child-like questioning is important to spiritual growth, and the most important message that his readers can take away from his book.  Kathy's Good News can be purchased through  

Join WITS podcast on October 14, 2011 for an interview with author Barbara Techel, as she shares her marketing experience and her new book, Class Act. Barbara shares a wealth of information about accessing and selling books through school and library author appearances. The information she has to share is not just for children's book authors: It's the ultimate how-to manual for authors of any title of interest to these audiences.

October 21, 2011, author Louis Winslow visits Writers in the Sky Podcast for an interview about, Good Tales, a collection of short stories. The Good Tales collection is comprised of twenty believable yarns, ranging from horror, thriller, and action adventure to family in orientation. Each story has been written to draw the reader in, all have something to ponder, be it a moral issue of an unexpected twist at the end. During the interview, Louis will be reading an excerpt from "Charade," his favorite story in the collection.

October 28: Kenneth Williams will speak with Dana Micheli about his fascinating how-to, Applying Mathematics in Construction.

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