Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Writing Life Word Game: What Do the Following Words Have in Common?

A fellow writer sent this list to see who could figure out the puzzle. The bolded first letter is a clue to the figuring out the puzzle.


I confess, I stared at this list for several minutes, gave up, and came back to look at it later.

Once you get the answer, I expect your response will be, “Oh, how obvious.” But until then it’s a bit of a brainteaser.

I’ve been contemplating the amazing flexibility and resulting confusion of the English language as a response to cabin fever this past winter. It has been impossible to cross country ski or snowshoe on ice, so I’ve spent a good deal more time indoors than I normally would.

I enjoy word games and puzzles, especially when I learn new words or new ways to use words.
So, have fun, take your time and see if this little puzzle suddenly reveals itself.

I finally gave up and peeked at the answer, so you’re ahead of me if you can figure this out for yourself.

Give up? Here’s the answer:
Take the first letter in each word and place it at the end of the word and then spell the word backwards – you’ll have the same word.

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