Thursday, April 2, 2009

Writers in the Sky Podcast Schedule April 2009!

On April 3, Sarah Moore will be interviewing Jeff Roberts about his new book entitled Little Stories, a collection of short stories written during Jeff’s days as an undergraduate at the University of Iowa. The author will be discussing the inspiration he used to capture such raw emotion, his decision to place his student work into a published collection, and why he enjoys the short story format. Please visit the Outskirts Press Web site to learn more about Jeff Roberts and Little Stories.

April 10 Jay Greenfeld will be discussing his new book, My Choice, My Life, which shares methods readers can use to develop a greater sense of balance in key areas of their lives. The content is geared primarily towards a younger audience, with topics such as choosing healthy relationships, making smart decisions concerning alcohol and drugs, and succeeding in school or at that first job. Instead of providing a set of absolute answers, Greenfeld encourages readers to reflect on their individual situations and use his advice as a springboard to determine solutions that make sense for them. Purchase on Amazon.

April 17 Storyheart talks about his new release, Across the Pond, a story about the innocence and excitement accompanies first loves. When teenager Fred Squire is sent by his parents to visit friends in America, he never imagined that he would meet the girl of his dreams in the very house in which he was staying. Storyheart allows their romance to unfold with a refreshing level of appropriateness for the age of his characters, but always in a way that is respectful of their genuine emotions. He has fun playing up the cultural and language differences. Purchase on Amazon.

April 24 M. Carol Coffey author discusses her new novel, Zoe Lucky and the Green Gables Mystery. The young heroine of this book has recently moved into a new apartment complex where frightening events keep occurring. She uses strong will and determination to pull together clues in her surroundings and bring the lurking criminals to justice. Coffey uses her love of animals and personal affiliation with organizations that educate about birds to integrate the winged creatures into her plotline. Purchase at Outskirts Press.

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