Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poetry Corner April 2009

The Wind Sings Your Name

The breezes glide free over welcoming trees
Who sway back and forth as if playing a game,
And a song, sweet and gentle, comes soft to my ear,
Ever clear as the wind sings your name.

I walk next to Heaven with your hand in mine,
Let the rest of the world go insane.
We’re here together at the end of the day
Huddled close as the wind sings your name.

Never a question,
Never a doubt,
No need for us to pretend.
Any time we see the end of a road,
We find a way to start over again.

I only know when I walk close to you
We know where we’re going
From the way that we’ve came.
To listen,
To wonder,
To know that it’s true,
It’s you…
And the wind sings your name.

Climb the Stairs

So much to tell you…
So little time…
Longing the sweet taste
Of your lips on mine.
Washing away
All our worries and cares.
Time stands still
As we climb the stairs.

Days last forever
When we are apart,
Counting each second
Til I find my heart.
The glint of your smile,
The scent of your hair,
Life begins
As we climb the stairs.

Life is a highway and you hold the keys
To every dream that I weave.
I would be nothing without loving you,
That’s why I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve.

I count my blessings
And say a brief prayer,
Knowing how wonderful
My life can be.
When we climb the stairs
At the end of the day
Up to Heaven…
Just you and me.

By Dennis S Martin from his new book Rhythmic Notions. Dennis is Yvonne Perry’s cousin and will be her guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast in May. http://www.iwritesome.com

Kiss A Poet Today

by Irene Brodsky, Author of Poetry Unplugged

In a world filled with woe,
just look around you.
There is someone special
who has a way with words
to make a difference in your life!

Make her welcome in your thoughts
Hold her close to your heart
Pour her a cup of Earl Gray Tea
Offer a croissant or two
and kiss a poet today!

Words are all she has
to brighten up your life.
They are dedicated all to you.
Keep them in a special place.

And when the world seems too much
for you to handle,
read her words meant just for you.
Put your woes away
and Kiss a poet today!

By Irene Brodsky
Poetry Unplugged (Outskirts Press)

Life’s Merry-go-round

They met in prime time
They fell in love fast
Then it crashed and burned
It was too hot to last

He got married
She left town
But she came back by
On life’s merry-go-round

They had a window in time
Or was it a door
Right back to the place
They had been before

He wanted a baby
She was all career
They gave it a try
But they couldn’t go there

She got a promotion
He left town
But he came back by
On life’s merry-go-round

They had a window in time
Or was it a door
Right back to the place
They had been before

They walk and talk and e-mail
Love’s not gone ‘til you look away
Hold the memories and the feelings
Hold the sweetness of that other day

There’s a window in time
There is a door
You can walk right through
To the place you were before

JanBossing©Joelton TN 2009

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