Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WITS & WAO Podcast Schedules May 2012

Writers in the Sky Podcast is a Nashville-based talk show about writing, publishing, and book marketing. An educational tool for people who want to learn more about the craft and business of writing, this show offers interviews with authors and writers, as well as the latest news about books currently on the market. You will also learn about publishing methods and marketing techniques as we interview publishers and publicists. Listen to archived shows via RSS Feed. Download WITS Podcast on iTunes for your iPod or iPad.

May 4 - Join us for part one of a two-part interview with Apostle Kevin A. Johnson. In this segment, Apostle Johnson will be discussing Dust Collector, a step-by-step guide to spiritual transformation. He also recounts his own inspiring story of how, in depths of one of his most trying times, God took the "dust" collecting on his soul and transformed it into a prosperous and fulfilled life.

May 11 - Apostle Kevin A. Johnson returns to discuss his follow-up book, Sabotage. Whereas Dust Collector focuses on the miracle of life transformation, Sabotage provides excellent advice on how to rid our lives of negative people, events, and-- most of all--our own destructive inner dialogue. Johnson will also speak about Just Breathe Ministries, LLC, the transformational organization he owns and operates with his wife, Terrah.

We Are One in Spirit Podcast

We Are One in Spirit Podcast allows for people of all walks of life to discuss their spiritual journey and life-transforming experiences that remind us that we are all ONE IN SPIRIT. Uplifting, enlightening, and insightful topics include healing, empathy, intuition, spiritual/psychic gifts, metaphysics, soul development, afterlife, spirit communication, and more. This interactive podcast has with a Q&Asession at the end of each guest presentation. To join the call, dial 1-605-475-6350 and enter participant access code 356172.The metaphysical shows are archived at feed://nashvillewriter.audioacrobat.com. You will also find us on iTunes.

On May 17 - Rick DiClemente will join us to discuss his new book, The Exquisite Zodiac. Rick is not your typical astrologer. Widely known as a “way shower,” he blends math-science and spiritual-psychic ability with empirical knowledge in order to reveal the multi-faceted story in each chart. Rick’s intuitive-astrological readings are like a sit-down with a trusted friend who has your ultimate best interests at heart. At the same time, he brings alive the applied discipline of consulting with the cosmos for timeless wisdom that helps others better understand themselves, their relationships and their lives. The Exquisite Zodiac focuses on WHY the signs are the way they are. What your archetype is like and why you feel as you do, better known as your "Sun Sign." We will discuss six major reasons the signs are different from each other and exactly how they are all tied together. You are more than just your Sun sign!

On May 31- Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre will be joining us on We Are One in Spirit Podcast. Brenda is a healer, business coach, spiritual mentor and award-winning singer. She helps women healers who are struggling with getting clients, to express themselves and their sacred power with confidence and charisma, and enrol committed clients, so they can make a massive difference in the world AND enjoy the freedom and prosperity they deserve.

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