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Coming in June 2012!

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The Kindle version and paperback of Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience is now available on Amazon.

Coming in July 2012!

Coinciding with the release of Shifting into Purer Consciousness, will present a telesummit for integrating spiritual transformation with the human experience. Featured panelists include SSuzanne Grandon, Dr. Susan Allison, Kristen Ann, Susan Taylor Shier, Dr. Caron Goode, Rick DiClemente, Lisa Barnett, and other experts in the spiritual shift we are experiencing as we develop our souls and planet to a new level of consciousness.

The topics to be addressed in this telesummit include ascension, oneness, near-death and spiritually-transforming experiences, walk ins/soul exchanges, working with ascended masters, immortality, the light body, and much more about integrating frequencies and the ascension process.

There will be two speakers each week for five weeks. One speaker will make a 25- to 30-minute presentation at 2 PM USA Central Time, (8 PM UK, noon Pacific Time). Then, a second speaker will make a 25- to 30-minute presentation at 2:35 PM Central Time. (Find your local time for this event by using the World Time Zone Map).


2:00 PM Central Time (UTC-6) – "Are You Having Ascension Symptoms?"

Yvonne Perry outlines some of the symptoms people are having in response to rapid spiritual transformation. She will teach how to reconnect to the Divine I AM Presence within to reduce discomfort and renew your mind.

Yvonne Perry is the author of Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience and Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You. She holds a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology and provides personal coaching for spiritual seekers. The host of We Are One in Spirit Podcast, she enjoys speaking about a wide variety of topics to help people realize their own creative power. h

2:35 PM Central Time – "Be Guided by Your Higher Self"

How to connect with your higher self in the heart space. This session will include a meditation to demonstrate how to be at peace no matter what is happening in our world; know who to trust and what to do next based on your own inner teacher and your own divine self!

Santa Cruz therapist Dr. Susan Allison has a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology and has maintained a private practice for 20 years. She currently works with individuals and groups to bring about healing, using traditional therapies, as well as hypnosis, process therapy, shamanic journey, and energy medicine. Susan is also an ordained and licensed interfaith minister who loves to offer prenuptial counseling and perform wedding ceremonies.
  The published author of three books:Conscious Divorce, Ending a Marriage with Integrity (Three Rivers Press), Breathing Room: The Leaving of a Marriage (Park Place) and Empowered Healer: Gain the Confidence, Power, and Ability to Heal Yourself (Balboa) Susan inspires readers to become involved in their own recovery process.
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2:00 PM Central Time – Kristen Ann Speaks about Preparing for the Transition

This point in time is like no other in the entire history of this planet. The course of human events have all been leading up to an immense transition happening in our very near future. This is a point of destiny that we have all planned to be here for. Kristen Ann will share an understanding of what is coming and why so that we can be prepared. Understanding eliminates fear and uncertainty and allows us to move forward with determination and confidence.

Kristen Ann has studied metaphysics and spirituality all her life. Since a near-death experience in childhood, she has known that there is much more to life than what we see. In the mid-1970s she studied the findings and spiritual science of the profound clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner. Since then, many other individuals with in-depth knowledge have crossed her path, creating an understanding both of the significance of this pivotal point in time as well as details of the coming transition. Kristen's book, Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest is full of revealing information that people need to understand in order to be prepared for this immense point of destiny. See

2:35 PM Central Time – "Live From The Depth of Your Soul Gifts"

Susann Taylor Shier will open the Akashic Records of your Soul to access your magnificent strengths and purposes as a guiding light for your life. Be with her special guides, "The Beloveds," to experience the joy that comes with connecting to your soul's wealth.

Susann Taylor Shier is a highly established and exceptionally gifted author, speaker, and intuitive counselor who teaches you how to access and live from the magnificence of your soul gifts, strengths and purpose in this world. Susann is committed to inspire the revelation of each person's heart and soul. Speaking from her heart and channeling her incredible resources, Susann guides you to come alive to the power of your magnificent self in her book trilogy: Soul Mastery - Accessing the Gift of Your Soul; Soul Radiance - Bring Your Soul Riches to Life; and Soul Reunion - The Return Home from Separation.

Susann presents Soul Mastery, Soul Radiance and Soul Reunion workshops, book events, trainings and teleclasses, as well as her renowned “Learning to Read the Akashic Records” and “Soul Clearing” trainings. She has been a guest radio show host on the esteemed World Puja Network and on numerous international radio shows, across the United States and the BBC.
If you're ready for your life to be YOUR creation and need an exceptional guide to awaken to the authentic power waiting for you, contact Susann today at her website.

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2:00 PM Central Time – "Walk-ins and soul exchanges"

A walk-in is a spirit who takes up residence (with permission) in the body of a soul, the walk-out, who wants to leave the Earth plane. Rather than having a healthy body die, another soul steps in and picks up where the first soul left off. This event, also referred to as a soul exchange, is a pre-incarnation agreement or a spiritual partnership between souls who are helping one another evolve. A soul exchange is always done with cooperation of both souls, and may occur during a near-death experience, while unconscious or under anesthesia, or while asleep.

Dr. Caron Goode, NCC, DAPA is the founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents International, the first global online school for training and certifying Parenting Coaches in supporting families through parent coaching or to receive a first-class, leading-edge parenting education. She has positioned the Academy for Coaching Parents International at the forefront of the global parent coaching movement to support connection

2:35 PM Central Time – "Go In Peace ~ Return in Enlightenment"

SSuzanne Grandon speaks about ETs, ascended masters, and other beings of light here to help the planet and humanity ascend.

As an Ambassador to the Universe, SSuzanne has been working with Extra Terrestrials, Ascended Masters, Celestials, and other transdimensional Light Beings continuously for forty years, following a life-altering consciousness expanding experience in 1972. She will share experiences and guidelines for expanding higher consciousness communication as well as significant interactions that are taking place now to assist humanity in attaining peaceful transitions as we continue to ascend

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2:00 PM Central Time – "How to Live a Spiritual Existence While Attending Earth School."

Going to Earth School can be a challenge with a curriculum that includes planetary shifts, changes in relationships, health challenges, and so much more. Find out what you can do to strengthen your relationship with Mother Earth so that you, too, can enjoy spiritual bliss.

Harriette Knight is a master healer, psychic-medium, author of CHAKRA POWER! and GEMSTONE POWER!, and Host of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour on Blog Talk Radio. Her positive outlook on life and intuitive abilities have helped many people learn how to live a fuller and more purposeful life. Harriette's Reconnective Healing practice has helped to heal clients from around the world.
2:35 PM Central Time – Is Immortality Possible?

The body does not have to die—it can ascend into a light (glorified) body as Jesus Christ and other ascended masters have proven. Our thoughts and beliefs greatly affect our health and everything we experience in life. The way to bring about any outward change is to reprogram the mind and dissolve the death “urge,” rather than unconsciously committing slow suicide with our fear-based beliefs. We can choose conscious or unconscious death and reincarnation, or physical immortality which means to incorporate the body into the conscious life of the eternal spirit.

Leonard Orr is best known for developing Rebirthing-Breathwork, a  technique of breathing that can help one to overcome the trauma of
being born. He is also the author of more than 30 books on spiritual topics, including immortality. When he converted to Christianity and started to read the Bible, he took Jesus' words ("He who believes in me shall never taste death.")literally, that anyone who believed in Jesus would not die. His search for truth about everlasting life led him to India where he used several tests of authenticity to satisfy claims of age. He met at least eight people older than 300 years.

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2:00 PM - "Clearing and Permanently Erasing Karma"
Lisa Barnett (info forthcoming)

2:30 PM - "Planetary and Astrological Alignment for December 2012"

The time has come for humanity to comprehend the full brilliance of the zodiac’s grand design. The energies that comprise each of us are the very same energies that make up the whole universe. Learn how the stars are lining up to support our shift into purer consciousness.

Rick DiClemente has practiced astrology for 35 years, and has presented numerous lectures, classes, and workshops. Widely known as a “way shower,” he blends math-science and spiritual-psychic ability with empirical knowledge in order to reveal the multi-faceted story in each chart. Rick’s intuitive-astrological readings are like a sit-down with a trusted friend who has your ultimate best interests at heart. At the same time, he brings alive the applied discipline of consulting
with the cosmos for timeless wisdom that helps others better understand
themselves, their relationships and their lives

Rick is the author of The Exquisite Zodiac, which reveals how every facet of the zodiac works in
sync, and how we can apply the entirety of its intelligence and wisdom
in a practical way.

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Listeners will also receive these bonuses!

A message from the Beloveds (Susann Taylor-Shier)
A free 10-minute evaluation call with spiritual coach Yvonne Perry (

Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience is a follow up of Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You written by Yvonne Perry.

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