Friday, June 17, 2011

Writers in the Sky Podcast June 2011

During the month of June Writers in the Sky audiences will enjoy podcast interviews with authors, from a wide spectrum of genres. June’s guests share their recent literary creations and writing publishing experiences, and talk with Writers in the Sky host Vonnie Faroqui about book marketing using blogging and social media.
On June 3, 2011, Vonnie Faroqui interviews 85 year old author, Betsy Houser, about her romance novel, Summer Is Her Name. “This was a charmingly delightful novel and the author was a joy to converse with.” Betsy shares an excerpt from her book and offers some encouraging words for other authors.
On June 10, 2011, J. C. Stevens shares his book, The Killing Game, a crime novel about a mob hit man forced out of retirement to become a pawn in the deeper game. Stevens talks about using a pseudonym to write in multiple genres and discusses blogging as a marketing tool with host Vonnie Faroqui. Listen in and pick up some ideas for how blogging could help you too.

On June 17, 2011, Jerome Peoples talks about his historical book, Lee’s Bread Machines. Learn from this author historian about a true life, African American inventor who changed the bread making industry of America. Jerome T. Peoples has a long distinguished career as a science teacher and now adds author to his list of accomplishments. Realizing the need for Afro-American inventors to be introduced to the general public, Jerome worked for seven years gathering the information presented in his book. “Lee’s Bread Machines is a fascinating piece of US history that will inspire you.”

On June 24, 2011, Writers in the Sky Podcast guest, author Allison Wynn presents her book, The Answer, “ A Journey From Anger To Peace.” Allison Wynne has spent 30 years helping people create more peaceful lives. The two questions she’s been asked the most are, “How do I deal with anger in either myself or others,” and “How do I create a more peaceful life?” Join podcast host Vonnie Faroqui for her interview with this exciting guest.

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