Friday, October 15, 2010

Academic Tutoring from a Teacher with a Passion for Written Word

By Sarah Moore

I have had a passion for writing all of my life. I was fortunate to have wonderful teachers in school who fostered my skills and my love of words both through creative writing opportunities and research papers. I believe there is a true art to placing words and phrases together in such a way that the person holding the pen (or typing on the keyboard) makes an image or an emotion or an argument come alive.

When I became a high school teacher, I knew that I would emphasize writing in all of my courses. No matter the discipline, I believe that students should be able to express what they know through writing. This priority continued when I moved to teaching at the college level and worked with students in a senior-level research and writing course. In addition to these classroom settings, I spent nearly a decade as a college advisor and administrator at several large universities and two community colleges and, through these positions, guided students through application essays and other important graduate school preparation.

I now have a career that allows me to combine my lifelong relationship with writing with my most important role, which is being a mom. Being a freelance writer and editor offers me the flexibility to be there for my children while continuing to make connections with students.

I now offer academic tutoring and editing services for high school, college, and graduate students who are looking for assistance with any writing assignment. I work with students on term papers, expository essays for English classes, proper research techniques, college and graduate school applications, and much more. I let the students know when their approach is effective and where improvement can be made.

In addition to the important fundamentals of spelling, grammar, mechanics, and punctuation, I partner with the student to discuss phrasing, word choice, point of view, style, and other intangibles that really create a strong piece of writing.

Students should not contact me looking for someone to do their writing for them . . . that will not happen. But, they can expect a professional with the academic background and the dedication to make them better writers moving forward in their careers both in the classroom and beyond. I hope you will consider my services the next time you are facing an assignment that could use another set of eyes to take your writing to a higher level.

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