Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Podcast Schedule for November 2009!

November 6
Charles Toftoy will be joining the podcast to discuss his new book It’s in the Eyes. This novel, set in Washington, D.C., focuses on the murders of four university co-eds whose killer uses the rituals practiced by a gang in India several centuries ago. Lars Nielsen, a college professor, brings together his Alpha Team of private citizens to solve the crime. Mr. Toftoy will be discussing how he developed his characters, why he incorporated the idea of ritualistic killing, and whether or not readers can expect more books involving the Alpha Team.

November 12
Abe Rosa joins the podcast to share his new release entitled The Drummer. Mr. Rosa wrote this book as an extension of his Christian faith, hoping to share with readers an example of strength in courage in convictions. The book focuses on a young woman who is the greatest drummer in the world and who now faces the greatest challenge. Her mother has been captured by the government. Abe Rosa will tell the audience why he chose a drummer as his voice in the book, what he hopes readers will take away from reading his work, and how he is marketing this new release.

November 13
Our younger listeners and their parents will want to tune in when Joseph Adegboyega-Edun talks about his new book Succeeding in High School. This new release takes readers through each step of the high school experience and offers practical advice for getting the most out of the academic opportunities. Mr. Adegboyega-Edun also provides a helpful guide to the college admissions process as the second half of this handbook. He is an experienced advisor at both the high school and college level who speaks as someone who knows what works.

November 20
Author Mike Thompson shares another offering for our younger readers with his new book Twinsational. This work of children’s fiction shares one day in the life of eleven-year-old twins Mark and Michelle Johnson. Young people will relate to the concepts of class bullies, demanding teachers, and first crushes. Through every moment, the close relationship between the siblings is evident and heartwarming. Mr. Thompson will share how he developed the idea of Twinsational, what he believes children can learn from his book, and if he has future plans for Mark and Michelle.

November 27
Julia Booker joins the podcast to discuss her book I’m Still Standing. This novel tells the story of a mother and daughter who are caught in a cycle of constant abuse, including beatings, rape, and emotional cruelty. The mother uses drugs and alcohol to numb the pain, while the daughter fears that her life is headed for the same fate. The book is based on a true story, which makes the abuse even more gripping. Ms. Booker and WITS author’s assistant Sarah Moore will discuss the difficulty in writing such a painful and personal book, how the characters were developed from real individuals, and what lessons she hopes readers, particularly women, will take away from her work.

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