Friday, August 28, 2009

Top Ten Problems in File Prep

If you’re a designer, or you have decided to self-publish your book, there is a lot to consider before your book can be printed. So, to help you avoid the common problems that occur when a printing company receives your files, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten problems encountered in electronic prepress production. By following this checklist, you can steer clear of many of these problems.

1. Fonts not embedded in PDF or missing in application files.
2. Incomplete or corrupt files.
3. Colors that are not converted from RGB to four-color CMYK mode.
4. Inadequate bleeds.
5. Image resolution placed too low or too high (always use 300 DPI).
6. B&W images saved in RGB instead of CMYK.
7. Images delivered in wrong file format (JPG, GIF). Use TIFF, PSD.
8. B&W images saved as RGB or CMYK
9. Missing images in applications.
10. Wrong applications use for complex page layouts (Word, Powerpoint). Use publishing programs like Indesign, Quark, or Pagemaker.

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