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Network with Us June 2009

Heidi M. Thomas will be conducting a book tour through Montana June 1-15. Her novel, Cowgirl Dreams, is based on her grandmother who rode steers in MT rodeos during the 1920s.

“Cowgirl Dreams is a heart-warming read for all ages…” Jane Kirkpatrick, author A Tendering in the Storm, WILLA Literary Award winner.

Heidi is a writer, freelance editor, and writing teacher living in the Pacific Northwest. See

My debut novel Quantum Earth is now available at It's about a team of metaphysical scientists dedicated to finding out why the Earth is in crisis. The rate, size, and destructive power of hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions is out of control. All of these acts of nature have become more devastating to human life than ever before in history, but why? Is the Earth cleansing itself of humanity? Or could it be that human thought is the true cause? This is what the team is asking; the hardest question of all: Do we create our own reality?

Julie Achterhoff

The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is open to anyone who loves arranging words into the beautiful art of poetry or writing a short story that is worth telling everyone! And to all who have the ability to dream... Write a poem 30 lines or fewer on any subject or a short story, 5 pages maximum on any theme for a chance to win up to $500.00 in cash prizes. All works must be original.

Cherie Burbach has released her latest book titled, 21 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Someone with Diabetes. Your diabetic friend or relative counts on you to be the person in their life that "gets it" when no one else does. This book will tell you what you can do to help. Things like what you should (and shouldn't) say, what you should learn to truly be supportive, and even how you can help in the fight for a cure. 21 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Someone with Diabetes will point you in the right direction so you can truly support your diabetic friend. For more info, visit Cherie's Web site:

The Service Journey
Author: Susan Hoekstra
Publisher: Aventine Press (2009)
ISBN: 1-59330-587-7

Do the secrets to delivering excellent service seem elusive and impossible? Have you done everything you can think of to improve your service delivery with mixed results? This no-nonsense, straightforward approach to delivering excellent service will give you the direction and confidence needed to get you and keep you on track. Peppered with humor and the chagrin that only real service experiences can provide, Susan shows how to align your organization's behavior with your vision, avoid missteps and develop a customized 12-step service strategy that differentiates your firm, business, or department's service delivery from your competition.


About the Author
Susan Hoekstra is an experienced senior manager and consultant who spent the past 25 years working with multi-sized, fast-paced, highly volatile companies in the manufacturing, distribution, membership services, franchise, and financial services industries. Over the years, she has developed a penchant for developing strategic service initiatives that drive growth and value to clients, employees and shareholders. Susan owns her own service consulting company.

The lovely month of May is abloom in more than one way for me. I have three releases coming to The Wild Rose Press. These novels will also be available in E-book and paperback from online booksellers. Local bookstores can order them in.

Daughter of the Wind --Historical/light paranormal romance with strong Native American elements . Autumn, 1784: A tragic secret from Karin McNeal's past haunts the young Scots-Irish woman who longs to know more of her mother’s death and the mysterious father no one will name. The elusive voices she hears in the wind hint at the dramatic changes soon to unfold in her life among the Scot’s settled in the mist-shrouded Alleghenies. Jack McCray, a wounded stranger who staggers through the door on the eve of her twentieth birthday and anniversary of her mother’s death, holds the key to unlocking the past. Will she let this handsome frontiersman lead her to the truth and into his arms, or seek the shelter of her fiercely possessive grandfather? Is it only her imagination or does something, or someone, wait beyond the brooding ridges—for her?

Enemy of the King ~May 8th

Fast-paced historical romance with light paranormal element. My version of The Patriot with flavors of Daphne DuMaurier's Rebecca. 1780, South Carolina: While Loyalist Meriwether Steele recovers from illness in the stately home of her beloved guardian, Jeremiah Jordan, she senses the haunting presence of his late wife. When she learns that Jeremiah is a Patriot spy and shoots Captain Vaughan, the British officer sent to arrest him, she is caught up on a wild ride into Carolina back country, pursued both by the impassioned captain and the vindictive ghost. Will she remain loyal to her king and Tory twin brother or risk a traitor’s death fighting for Jeremiah? If Captain Vaughan snatches her away, he won’t give her a choice.

Through the Fire ~May 22nd

Fast-paced historical romance with a The Last of the Mohicans flavor and a mystical weave . At the height of the French and Indian War, a young English widow ventures into the colonial frontier in search of a fresh start. She never expects to find it in the arms of the half-Shawnee, half-French warrior who makes her his prisoner in the raging battle to possess a continent––or to be aided by a mysterious white wolf and a holy man. For more on my work please visit

Beth Trissel

BronzeWord Latino Authors opened on May 18th with the Top Ten Days of Crafty Chica Kathy Cano-Murillo. What used to be BronzeWord’s Blog has moved and is thriving on BronzeWord Latino Authors at Come and read about your Latino authors and their accomplishments. Learn about contests, the publishing world, and about agents/editors. We celebrate you with the Top Ten Days of different Latino authors with ten days of interviews/book reviews/articles by the author. We are creating the first ever Latino Virtual Book Tour. Join us and become a host for this major event. Latino bloggers are going to be highlighted every Saturday on BronzeWord Latino Authors. Blog Carnivals are in sight just down the road. La famila awaits you. BronzeWord Latino Authors: the clearinghouse for all things Latino Literature.

Join @LatinoBookNews for the latest in Latino authors and their books; find out about contests, awards, and book publishing news. @LatinoBookNews is the clearinghouse for all things in Latino Literature. Submit your book news, awards, and publishing triumphs to me at and let the world know about your successes. Bragging rights open to all. Learn what is new and relevant in Latino Literature. Support other Latino authors as they support you. Join la familia at @LatinoBookNews

I would like to share the news that my Paranormal Romance HUNTED MATE,, WON the "Golden Rose Award" for best Erotica Romance for 2008 books! It is available in Print and Ebook at all stores and Online. Readers can check out more info at my site

Book Promo 201: Harness the Power of the Internet with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing by Nikki Leigh

Have you heard of Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing? Many people on the Internet are using these. Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Did you ever Digg a web page? Those are examples of Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing. There are many social networking web sites, but a key is knowing which sites are beneficial for you. Another key is understanding how and why to use them. These are a couple of the topics discussed in this book along with over 1200 links to resources (almost all are free). You will turn to this book again and again to create an expanded and effective presence on the Internet to promote yourself and your books. - More Information about Promo 201 - Order Your Copy Now

The Tuareg: Blue Man of the Sahara by George DiGuido. will be released June 20th. The Tuareg is a fantastic summer read (great for the beach). The Tuareg: (1828-1830) sweeps you into the life and times of a young Virginia plantation woman, a dashing aristocratic Frenchman, and a semi-civilized Tuareg chieftain of the desert.

This masterfully told story takes place in exotic and diverse locals such as London; the tents of nomadic tribes; the decadent, intrigue-filled Turkish kasbah at Algiers, and the savannah-land country of Africa’s premier slave king. Voyage across three continents, through the beautiful yet cruel Sahara and into the heart of Africa.

The book has received rave reviews so far, here are a few excerpts:

“This novel will delight a broad spectrum of readers: historians, ethnographists, geographers, political scientists, adventure-lovers and hardcore romantics. In short, the novel has the fascination of The Sheik and the intellectual depth and scope of Lawrence of Arabia.

“Get this book and put on your nightstand, but don’t expect to get much sleep.” -Dr. Thomas Wolfram, Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Missouri-Columbia; and author of two novels, and one book

The Tuareg: Blue Man of Sahara by George DiGuido is a dynamic book from page one till the end, you will sit on the edge of your seat in anticipation, yet you will learn much about this culture.” -Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views

“The thought and care that Mr. DiGuido has put into this novel is incredible… History has collided with fiction to form this terrific book.” -Reviewed by Kimberly, Coffee Time Romance

“Captivating! The Tuareg abounds with adventure, resonates with culture clashes, and pulsates with love.” - Reviewed by Camellia, The Long and Short of It

I would appreciate it if you would include any of the information above in your newsletter publication. Also, the book is currently available for pre-order on our Web site here:

Thank you,

Vivisphere Publishing

Dear Yvonne, I’m with a new company called FiledBy, and we’ve just launched the most comprehensive online marketing platform and author directory on the Internet. I’ve noticed on your blog – Writer's in the Sky and that you provide your readers with information about freelance writing and publishing, and we would like to pass along some information about our new Web site that might be of interest.


FiledBy Adds More Than 1 Million New Sites for Co-authors, Illustrators, Photographers, Artists, Editors, Translators, and Others

FiledBy ( has expanded its online author directory by adding and linking together sites for co-authors, illustrators, artists, photographers, and others who contributed to the publication of a book.

“The contribution of illustrators, photographers, artists and many other creators are important to the publication of books in a wide range of formats and subject categories,” said Peter Clifton, FiledBy CEO and president. “FiledBy now offers a platform for further expansion of their ideas and creativity on the web.”

FiledBy featured 1.8 million author sites in its directory before the latest expansion, which adds more than 1 million contributors whose efforts led to a published work.

Each contributor now has a free site that he or she can claim and enhance with photographs, a biography, links and multimedia (video, podcast or PDF). All sites are now linked to relevant contributors on FiledBy and include pages for each of their books. Finding and connecting with new audiences on the web is critical for authors and creators to be successful. FiledBy provides a marketing platform for those who do not have a web presence and provides additional value for those that do.

FiledBy has three valuable benefits. It is the largest online directory organized by authors and contributors. It offers any author or contributor a free Web site where they can connect with fans and peers as well as promote their work. And it offers authors and contributors affordable digital marketing tools to enhance their online presence.

The platform is ideal for any author or contributor who needs a low-cost and effective web presence. Author and contributor sites can integrate photographs, biographies, video, podcasts, press kits, blogs, event listings and more. For others, it is an online platform that complements and links to existing author Web sites, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, publisher pages or blogs.

Authors and books on FiledBy cover all subject and publishing categories including general trade, academic and professional. In addition to author and contributor sites, FiledBy features more than 7.5 million books. All books are available for sale through Amazon, Amazon Canada, B&, Powells, Borders, Indigo and Indiebound.

The data used on the site is licensed from trusted industry sources and supplemented by data from publishers and content provided by authors and contributors.

FiledBy is the largest online directory of author sites providing web tools, e-commerce and community-building solutions for published book authors and contributors — co-authors, illustrators, photographers, artists, translators and editors. FiledBy provides authors and readers with social tools to connect with each other and can be discovered through a single database.

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