Friday, August 31, 2012

Tune into Our Chat With Author Sherri Starr

Do you ever get tired of searching for "the One"? Constantly updating your online dating profile, or joining that yoga, scuba diving or art class, just so you can meet that special guy or girl? It can be a full-time job and an exercise in frustration. According to author Sherri Starr, much of the agony is also unnecessary (albeit entertaining). Starr's new book, Mia and Jake: Finding the One offers an uplifting and riotous take on some of the things singles do to find their other half.

Mia and Jake would make the perfect couple, but first they have to meet! In this sea of single, smart and funny stick figures, how will they ever find each other? Starr's answer may surprise you, and it will most definitely delight you.
Click here to listen to Sherri discuss the inspiration behind the book, her creative process, and how she met her real life "Jake".

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