Friday, August 17, 2012

Join Us for a Conversation with Reverend Dieuner Joseph

Reverend Dieuner Joseph is well-aware of the importance of living a balanced life. He has spoken about it in his sermons and on his radio show; he has written about it in his weekly devotional and on his blog. But best of all, he lives it every day, and now he is sharing his guidance in his new book, Created to Live a Balanced Life: 8 Holistic Steps to Transformation.

Created to Live a Balance Life teaches us how to heal our spiritual wounds and become the best version of ourselves. It focuses on discipline, self-esteem, and faith as the necessary ingredients for success, and offers real-world advice on everything from diet and exercise to our relationships with our spouses and children. But the most important relationship, however, is the one each of us has with God, and Reverend Joseph helps us cultivate that as well.  

Reverend Dieuner Joseph is the CEO of the Holistic Transformation Center, as well as the founder of Imani Temple Baptist Church and Disciple Maker Ministry. He is the author of “Restoring Honor to an Honorable Vocation” and the writer and editor of the blog, “A Pastor’s Reflection”. He also produces an online weekly devotional called “The Wednesday Word” and hosts Reverend Dieuner’s Community Call, an interactive radio show on Reverend Joseph holds a Bachelor’s degree from Manhattan College, as well as Master’s Degrees in Divinity and Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has also studied at the University of Strasbourg in France.

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Like what you heard? Visit Reverend Joseph's website to buy the book and learn more about his speaking tour.

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