Monday, August 27, 2012

The Law of Attraction Manifests Abundance

Esther Hicks is a proponent of something called the Law of Attraction. It is the art of allowing well-being to flow, thereby overcoming resistance and attracting abundance. I have seen this manifesting in my life over the past several years while I have been prolifically writing my series of hilarious books. Two of them are published. Now I am beginning to experience abundance as channels of promotion for my books are flowing my way.
The law of attraction follows an emotional path. When one is feeling “good,” abundance naturally flows. Following a lifetime of challenges which have seemed to impede my progress, I am now experiencing a major shift. If I can do it, anybody can. This means you.

As Esther says, it is not a matter of working hard or taking any courses. It is not a matter of luck. The Source of our being only wants the best for each of us. It is only a matter of getting ourselves into a place of alignment with “good” feelings. When we do that, anything we desire is possible and eventually will manifest.

This is the law of the universe. It is simply a matter of replacing doubt with belief. It only follows the teachings of the great spiritual teachers such as Jesus. It is a simply a matter of faith.

These are lessons that I begin to weave in my books which are about a wayward nun. She teaches what she needs to learn as she affirms what is the truth she has discerned within herself. This is something you can also do for yourself.

This is what I ask you to do as Esther, herself, would encourage you to do. Whenever you recognize something you don't like, you will send forth a rocket of desire that will lead you in the direction you wish to head. It is important not to dwell upon your state of discontent. Rather, look with appreciation at all you already do possess. Gratitude is of utmost importance. It is the stepping stone to manifesting that which you desire.

No matter what, the most important thing is to follow your joy. As you do so, you will continue to attract more of the same. Allow yourself to be all you can be. It is a lesson you all will learn if you only apply yourself to the challenge of feeling good. Practice affirmations. You are worthy. You are beloved. You are deserving of all the goodness that your Source naturally wants for you.

The rewards will be amazing and will come quickly. Abundance is already yours. Simply claim it and it will naturally bring you more. As I have said, this is the great law of the universe which is always expanding just as you are.

Written by Davis Aujourd'hui

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