Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Editor's Corner August 2012

Welcome to the August 2012 WITS Newsletter!
By all accounts, it’s been a fairly brutal summer. Even I, a fan of humidity (and long regarded by others as peculiar) have been running my air-conditioner (long regarded by me as a necessary evil) nearly ‘round the clock. Most days, I’m outdoors only long enough to walk to Duncan Donuts for an iced coffee, which has given me extra time to bring you these interesting tidbits.
The first is the Aspects of Writing radio show, hosted by writing guru and all around nice guy, James Kelly. I recently had the pleasure of being James’ guest to discuss book marketing, and I highly recommend his show for writers and book lovers alike. Not only is it a great source of valuable information, it also provides a nurturing environment for those new to the writing business.
The second is an event that will help you beat the heat and enjoy a good laugh at the same time. On Sunday, August 12, Nashville-area residents should head on over to Bongo Java to catch That Time of the Month, a hilarious show of female storytelling. The show’s creator, writer and performer Melanie Vare, is currently compiling a collection of these outrageous stories for a book of the same name. I caught a sneak peak at the manuscript and laughed the whole way through.
Happy August, everyone, and may your writing projects be as hot as asphalt in the summer.

Dana Micheli
Writer and editor, Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services

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