Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Live from Las Vegas...It's the Aspects of Writing Radio Show

Earlier today I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Aspects of Writing Radio Show, hosted by James Kelly. Today's show focused on importance of securing the right public relations specialist to market your book. The other guests were veteran PR gurus Travis Shortt and Shelley Bruner. Travis Shortt is a former radio personality and co-founder of Aspyr Communications, and Shelley is a former Fox 5 news anchor and currently the Director of Advertising and Public Relations at David Saxe Productions. With their years of experience, they have forgotten more than most of us will ever learn about wooing the media. They provided a wealth of inside tips on what authors need to do, not only to sell their current book, but to brand themselves, and it was indeed a pleasure to speak with them.

This is my second time on the show, and it was even more enjoyable than the first. James Kelly is a wonderful host. With his "round table" platform and conversational interviewing style, he allows for a true exchange of ideas. A number of WITS clients, including comedian Melanie Vare and mystic Dr. Steve Brannon, have been guests, as well as award-winning novelist Michael Loyd Gray. You can listen today's show, as well as archived episodes, by clicking on the link above. Aspects of Writing airs live, every other Tuesday, at 2pm PDT.

In addition, to hosting several radio shows, James Kelly is also the author of two novels. The second, Alien Transcripts: Creating God, is now available for download on Amazon.

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