Monday, February 22, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Blog Chain!

Thanks to everyone who participated, our Valentine's Blog Chain was a huge success. We all had so much fun, we have decided to put together another one for St. Patrick’s Day. Would you like to join us for a round March 11 through 17? This is a great way to help one another promote our blogs and writing.

In case you missed the last event, you may be wondering, "What is a blog chain?"

A blog chain involves about a dozen people who have a blog and want to participate in a fun group activity. Each participant visits the blog of every person on the chain within one week of being sent the list of URLs. When visiting each blog, participants read and comment on one post they find interesting. When you leave a comment on the other eleven blogs you will in turn receive eleven comments on your own blog. And, the search engines smile upon you because this kind of activity increases your blog's popularity and raises its ranks in search engines.

You may sign up for the next blog chain by sending an email to katie at writersinthesky dot net. Notice how I posted my admin's email address here. You'll have to use your imagination to put the pieces together, but that makes you smarter than the spamming software that normally grabs exposed email addresses.

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