Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Editor's Corner February 2010

by Yvonne Perry

This year is off to a fantastic start! I've been making a conscious effort to bring more of my spiritual self into my business and things are already manifesting in wonderful ways. By meditating every day and listening to audios by trusted spiritual leaders, I have been able to remove stale energy and bring more love and light into my daily routine. After listening to Amethyst Wyldfyre’s teleclass, "Clear Your Energy & Electrify Your Business," I have sensed an energetic movement taking me to a higher level of spiritual effectiveness in my business dealings and personal relationships.

Did you know that many successful companies started or grew in economic downturns? It’s true! And, and I am of the belief that if one person can do something, then we can all do it! Recently, I was interviewed by Schall Adams of GirlfriendMentors.net. The interview subject, “Writing as a Marketing Tool,” is very timely in our current economy. If you are like me and have decided not to participate in recession and scarcity thinking, I’m sure you will find this interview packed full of tools that you can use to drive business your way and move your business forward.

Schall and I discussed the types of writing you could and should use in your business marketing: media releases, email, article marketing, blog writing, social media, books and e-books, marketing materials, and bios. I also shared how to specifically use each type of writing as a marketing tool. You'll also get tips and strategies for handling all the writing that must be done. As you can see, the information could significantly impact your marketing efforts.

With that in mind please accept this gift as my way of saying thanks for being a part of my business network! The interview is posted on a members-only site, but Schall is giving my WITS girlfriends a 3-day free pass (no credit card needed) to hear our mentoring session about how writing can boost credibility in your business. To access the interview, use this special link: http://tinyurl.com/GFInterview to log on whenever you choose. You’ll have three days from the first login to explore the incredible resources, access any of the mentors on the site, read articles, participate in wisdom circles, download other interviews, and ask questions. Feel free to share this link with your girlfriends!

If you decide to become a Girlfriend Mentors member and join in the quest to create a worldwide sisterhood of highly developed women, please use this link: http://tinyurl.com/GFMento. Men, please let your female friends know about this great opportunity. I'll try to do something special for the guys in another issue.

I was Cathi Curen's guest January 30, 2010 on Holistic Children Radio and we discussed The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children and the children's community art showcase. Learn more about why I am offering this opportunity for children to participate by creating art or telling about how they learned a significant lesson.

Lynn Serafinn will host me on February 25, 2010 for "Your Book Launch: Designing and Delivering" as part of Spirit Authors Grand Opening Webinar Week. Then, on March 6, I will be a guest on The Renee Bobb Show (Blog Talk Radio). I love sharing with authors and writers the information I have gained from operating a writing business for the past six years. I hope you will join me on these shows. If you need a speaker for your show or event, please see my keynote speaker page.

Please welcome our new WITS columnist, Dana Lynn Smith. She and I have been networking with one another for about a year. I think we met on Twitter. Anyhow, once you've read some of her great articles on book marketing, I'm sure you'll understand why she is called The Savvy Book Marketer! Be sure to see The Savvy Book Marketer's Guide to Selling Your Book to Libraries.

Allison Maslan's book launch for Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality was a great success. I enjoyed working with her on the marketing campaign and helping her reach bestseller status on Amazon.com. If you missed our podcast interview, you may listen at http://yvonneperry.blogspot.com/.

Please send folks a note to let them know they can read your poem, book review, or announcement on our Web site. The more we network together, the more we all win with better exposure to more markets! If you are on Twitter, here is a easy-to-use pre-made tweet: See what I had published in WITS Newsletter this month! http://ow.ly/Ieu6.

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