Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Podcast Schedule February 2010

February 5

Janet Conner will be sharing her book, Writing Down Your Soul, when podcast host Yvonne Perry interviews her about the mysterious process of tapping into the higher wisdom of your soul through writing. This is more than journaling. It's not automatic writing; it's something totally different. Learn how to find out what your soul and divine guidance is trying to share with you. Janet will share how to write from theta brain waves that support creativity rather than beta waves associated with stress (where many people live their daily lives).

February 12

Yvonne Perry welcomes Maxine Thompson, the author of Hostage of Lies to speak about her novel published by Urban Soul. The story is a vivid portrait of Reverend Godbolt's family and his forebears. The family's secrets set the stage for a profound and provocative debate about black identity and destiny in America's past and present. The novel deals with the issue of adoption which often runs counter to African American culture due to the history of children being sold away from their mothers.

February 19

Sarah Moore welcomes author Wilson Awasu as he discusses his new book Kim’s Confessions. In this novel, the title character approaches her church and her faith with a sense of entitlement. She presents a long family history and active involvement in her congregation as her defenses for not questioning the strength of her relationship with God. However, her entire belief system is changed when she reluctantly attends a seminar called “Radical Growth.” Mr. Awasu will be discussing what motivated him to write this book, how he developed a character like Kim, and what he hopes readers will take away from reading Kim’s Confessions.

February 26

Barbara Fifield will be joining the podcast for an interview about Lucifer Rising. This new release tells the story of a female reporter who profiles a local religious cult leader and ends up being drawn into a relationship with him. Even when she learns of his history of violence and adultery, she cannot seem to escape. Lucifer Rising combines aspects of a thriller, romance, and exploration of the paranormal. During the interview, Ms. Fifield will share how her previous profession contributed to the writing of her new book, why she wanted to tackle the controversial issue of cults, and what she has planned next for her readers.

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