Monday, November 5, 2012

This Friday's Podcast Guest: Luke Hays

Join us this Friday as author Luke Hays discusses his historical fantasy novel, Psychic Detective. It is the story of Henry Larson, a brilliant Pinkerton Detective from New York City. When Larson is asked by his superiors to help solve a string of brutal murders in California, he cannot refuse. But this is no ordinary case, and Larson will need to use everything in his arsenal, including his psychic gifts, to catch the killer.

The most fascinating aspect of this story is that it's set in 1883. Nowadays, it's not that usual to hear of police using a psychic to help them solve a difficult case; there was even a television show about a medium who communicates with the dead to help law enforcement. Henry Larson's nineteenth century colleagues, however, might not be so accepting!

Hays, a native New Englander, has been writing since childhood, and at 21 years old is already working on his third novel.Be sure to tune in as Luke discusses the inspiration for his work and his writing, publishing and marketing advice for other writers.

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