Monday, November 5, 2012

Need a Break from Politics? Change the Radio Dial to the Aspects of Writing Show!

Tune into the Aspects of Writing radio show on Tuesday, November 6 (2pm PST) when host James Kelly and I discuss "Finding the Right Editor".  The show will cover the importance of working with an editor, how to find editors who will improve your work while preserving your voice, and what you can expect to pay for editing services. The other guest is author B.J. Rudell. Rudell's first book, Only in New Hampshire, garnered national acclaim, including "Writer on the Rise" honors from Campaigns & Elections magazine, and for which he garnered more than 40 media appearances on  CNN, Fox News, and other news outlets.

I have been on James' show several times and am always so impressed with his professionalism and commitment to helping writers reach their full potential. He guides aspiring authors through the entire process (including a realistic budget) and even helps them utilize funding sites so that they can raise the money necessary to get their book ready for market.

Currently, James and I are working together to assist first-time author Jan Coursey with her amazing novel, Time is About to Tell. I am providing developmental editing; then, every other Tuesday, Jan and I join James on Aspects of Writing so his listeners can learn more about the editing process. It's a win-win-win situation!

Aspects of Writing is broadcast on KLAV 1230 on the AM dial. You can also listen on your computer by visiting Aspects of Writing or view it live at

Please feel free to call into the show at 866-820-5528. We'd love to answer your questions!

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