Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Poetry and Prose Corner November 2012


I found healing one bright day.
My thoughts and words felt like play.
Not like the work I did before.
The writing then was a chore.
My serious work was to blame.
What I needed was a child's game.
It was as if a spell had broke,
When my words rhymed that I spoke.
Easy and free my heart spoke to me
Words that rhyme set it free.
My book of healing now, it seemed
Came from my heart – I felt redeemed.
I laughed and wrote as fast as I could
All the sadness and pain I understood.
I felt relief with rhymes from my heart,
Just like when I practice yoga and art.
This seems to be true, that rhyming is fun,
But much more happens when you're all done.
The language of rhyming is a self-healing art.
It comes from reflection of what’s in your heart.

~Denise Demaras

Tree Dance

I stand at my window
Watching you
Watching me.
Your graceful arms
– reaching, searching –
Twist with the charm of
A prima ballerina
Defying the fury of
Harrowing winds.
Swooping low to the waiting ground,
Reaching up into piercing gray heavens,
Laughing, dancing to unheard music,
Defying the storm winds
That want to consume you.
Making me want to come out and play,
But fearful of danger
I cower in safety
And watch you dance…
And watch you dance.

Dennis S. Martin
Website: http://www.iwritesome.com
Lulu Storefront: http://www.lulu.com/dsmartin
Plays: http://sites.google.com/site/playsbydennissmartin/

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