Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Poetry and Prose Corner October 2012

Dance of the Leaves

by Rita Janice Traub

We watched you dancing in the gales
that ushered in the cold,
frenetically, yet gracefully,
you leaves of green and gold,
the sunlight on you crimson leaves
breathtaking to behold
as jauntily you danced all day
to celebrate the cold.
Your young trees, barely trembling now,
look prematurely old.
They could not match your whirling pace,
and swiftly lost their hold.
Like tropic birds you streaked, your plumage
crimson, gold, and green.
Short was your flight. In frigid night
you lie dark and unseen,
tomorrow to be swept away
without a backward glance.
But life and death met yesterday,
embracing in a dance.

I Am

I am
the piece that
no longer fits;

the single note
that won't complete
your song.

An exquisite
gem in the simplest
of settings;

it was never
your reflected light
that made me shine.

Pamme Boutselis is a freelance writer from New Hampshire. She offers personal reflections on life and family at Along the Way. A collection of her poetry can be found at Beachtowel Press.


By Yamkela Sigwili

If I could wake up in a world of poetry
Never would I have to compare and complain For it is plain clear That we share the words of writing

If I could wake up in a world of poetry
Never would I fear
For I tear the history of my past
Without a tear touching my delicate cheeks

If I could wake up in a world of poetry
Mystery wouldn't be history
For we would be dancing to different
Rhythms of misery

If I could wake up in a world of poetry
The words would define peace
From those broken pieces
Of our vases
That holds together lilies

Yamkela Sigwili is a young poet, who is passionate about life. A writer, always willing to learn. Loves to read (believes that it gives knowledge). Does drama at school. Words are my universe, for I define. www.yamkyfunkychaz.blogspot.com

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