Friday, October 19, 2012

If You Remember… It’s Time to Write Your Memoirs

By Kathleen Shaputis

You play hard and/or work non-stop—some chase grandchildren, others the stock market. Who has time to write anything down? You do. Think writing memoirs is only for the old? Think again.

If you remember when Julia Child was the only chef on television, it’s time to write your memoirs. If you remember when movie theaters came with a cartoon or newsreel and double features were common, it’s time to write your memoirs. If you remember rotary telephones… well, you know the phrase.

Today we have email, texting and cell phones to keep in touch. These are the fast foods of communication. Using fast food does save time and energy. Even microwavable frozen foods let you make a meal in minutes. If email and cell phones are fast food, writing your memoir is a savory home-cooked meal. It takes longer, yet incredibly satisfying. You can read the stories again and again or share it with others. Tuck it away and bring out another time, any time.

Think of writing your memoirs like creating a celebration meal—with lots of side dishes and trimmings—the kitchen extravaganza reserved for holidays or an important occasion. You don’t wake up one morning and say, “Gee, I think I’ll have thirty people over for dinner tonight.” No, you plan, you shop, prepare dishes ahead of time and freeze them. When the meal comes together, everyone around the room compliments your hard work.

Cooking not your forte? Think about restoring an old classic car. Let’s say you find a 1953 T-bird to bring back to mint condition. It’s not going to happen overnight or even in a single weekend. The process is part of the fun. You tinker through the engine, transmission, the interior and the chrome piece by piece. Some days you’re up to your elbows in grease, other days you’re researching for just the right replacement parts. Until one day you’re gently polishing the cherished completed project in your driveway for friends and family to admire.

This is what it is like writing your memoirs, a little planning, a lot of preparation. Bring back your memories, write them down and use short-run book printing to make copies of your treasured volume. Imagine having twenty-five or thirty soft cover books designed and printed in only six to eight weeks. Hard cover books may take up to twelve weeks for binding.

The joy of sharing memories and genealogy with family and friends has kept short-run book printing companies like Gorham Printing busy. Celebrating over thirty-five years, Gorham Printing is located in western Washington with a talented staff of designers and production personnel. Go to their website and request a free copy of A Guide to Book Printing and Self Publishing.

If you remember what 33, 45 and 78 stand for, it’s time to write your memoirs.

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