Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Poetry and Prose Corner October 2013

Falling For Autumn

Daylight recedes and night lingers longer,
A lazy sun lowers her arc in the sky,
And summer relents on her brutal endeavors,
Yields to the softness of crisp autumn dew.

Earth tones of red and gold burst with a frenzy
Flooding the eye with bountiful treat.
The fresh chill of morning makes night covers snuggle
And daybreak awakens a bright orange hue.

Pity to those denied your sweet treasure,
Who never bear witness to your vibrant show,
Charting your change with chameleon candor,
Rushing the senses with visual bliss.

Signals of change as a new dawn announces
The turn of the term,
The passage of time.
I pray that in Heaven there still will be seasons
So all may find favor
In sweet autumn’s kiss.

Dennis S. Martin
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I Am

By Brenda McBride

Written for my beloved Dad

I am in the cool breeze that forever blows so softly in the wind that passes by you......
Feeling at peace, where pain is no more, I'm in a timeless paradise full of love
that's so true......
I am in the melody of your favorite songs, gently swaying to the tune to the music
with harmony in my soul......
Feeling free with ease to soar far away into paradise, engulfed in bliss and joy,
dancing like never before, completely whole.....

I am the warmth that radiates from the heat of the sun, sending you comfort and co
passion to dry your tears as they fall, to add a smile to your day......
Feeling happy not sad, helping you get through your grief, trying to let you know I'm fine, more alive than words can say.......
I am in the rain fall, as it falls briskly beneath the sky, refreshing the land with a cool, crisp start, feeling so fresh as the rain falls down.....
Don't cry for me, I'm happy now, we'll meet again, so carry on without a frown.

I am very much alive, please watch for the signs I send to you as you continue your
life here on earth, Ill be close bye......
Think of me each day, and please don't cry.

Brenda McBride lives in Temecula, California with her two teenage girls and is a substitute teacher working with Special Education students. Several of her articles and poems have been published in various magazines throughout the last several years. When her father passed away in 2011, her grief became so unbearable that she began writing to release deep emotions. There's not a day that goes by without the thought and beautiful memories shared with her wonderful dad.

All Hallows Eve

Eerily, the shroud descends,
Veiled in mists of Hallows Eve,
As spirits amble in the mist
Reaching from their netherworld
To touch, to feel the naked flesh
Of those who walk and talk and breathe,
To feel the heartbeat of their blood,
A kinship to reality.

Children quake as darkness draws
A demon host from murky lair,
Ghouls and witches primed to scare,
Bats and black cats everywhere.
With mask and costume to disguise
They set out on their ghostly trek.
A trick they sport in lieu of treats
Belays the caution in their eyes.

All is magic,
Nothing planned
On Hallows Eve
When spirits rise.

Dennis S. Martin
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