Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Editor's Corner October 2013

October is a transitory month—the short lull between the excitement of summer and the flurry of holiday preparations. As we pull our heavy sweaters out of storage and watch the leaves changing to brilliant reds and golds, it is easy to believe that all the shopping and party planning is still far in the future. The truth is that it will be here before we know it, and the early birds are already out there, searching for the perfect gifts for hard-to-buy-for friends and family. That’s why this “slow” month is the perfect time to launch a holiday marketing campaign for your book!

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing is finding that all-important hook to draw readers. That’s the great thing about marketing your book now—the holidays are the draw. Whether your book is a memoir, crime novel, or how-to manual, there is someone whose eyes will light up when they unwrap it.

And if you haven’t written a new book recently—no worries! The holiday season is also an opportunity to resurrect that book that’s been out for a while. So start tweeting and posting on Facebook. Write a blog post reminding your followers about your book. If you have more than one book available, you might even offer a “holiday special” (for example, buy one, get the second half-off). Or, be a guest on the WITS podcast so that our listeners can get to know you, as well as your work!

Ready or not, we are about to embark on the Season of Giving, so let people know that your book is the perfect gift!

Happy writing and marketing, everyone!

Dana Micheli
Writer and editor, Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services
Writers in the Sky is a team of ghostwriters, editors, and book marketing specialists committed to the craft and business of writing. We work with our clients on all levels of the publishing process from editing and manuscript assessments to book formatting and marketing. So whether you are a first-time author or a veteran of the craft, let Writers in the Sky help you get your book out into the world. We also provide assistance with résumés, business documents, and academic essays. For more information, visit www.writersinthesky.com.


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