Thursday, October 3, 2013

This Week's Podcast Guest: Author and Publisher Monica F. Hudson

Monica F. Hudson is a woman on a mission. The author and publisher from Little Rock, Arkansas seeks to deliver God's message of love through her writing. This week, it was my pleasure to interview Monica about her latest book, Over There: Raindrops of Reflection. It's an eloquent and deeply moving devotional about God's promise to the world.

These days, many authors choose self-publishing as the best way to retain control over their work. Monica, however, took it one step further; she started Hudson Publishers, which publishes nonfiction Christian books based on discipleship and empowerment. In addition to her literary career, she is also a member of Allen Temple A.M.E. Church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and a twenty-plus-year veteran of the healthcare field. Her tireless energy and commitment is an inspiration to writers everywhere. 

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Like what you heard? You can buy Monica's books through her website,, or at Wordsworth Bookstore and Company in Little Rock and other independent bookstores. To learn more about her work and ministry, visit her on Facebook and Twitter.    

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