Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Editor's Corner November 2013

Welcome to the November edition of the WITS newsletter!

November is the official start of the holiday season, a time of family, friends, and food. It’s also a reminder to give thanks for our many blessings and share those blessings with others. It is my belief and experience that people always want to contribute, not just around the holidays. However, they often feel as though what they have to offer is not enough—not enough money, not enough time, not enough skills—to make a “real difference.”

But we all have something valuable to give to the world, whether it’s a large donation or a smile to a stranger. Or… there’s what writers do—use their words to uplift others. Many share their stories of spiritual transformation, like Joe Laws, in his soon-to-be-released book, Held By the Hand of God, or Leonard Goodwin’s Echoes in the Universe: Spiritual Memoir. Yvonne Perry’s books on spirituality have sparked many of my “ah-ha” moments. Others, like Denise Demaras, offer practical guidance on living authentically and holistically. Denise’s new newsletter, Women’s Holistic Health News, explores topics such as healthy eating, mindful breathing, and creating balance and abundance.

Every day, the WITS community inspires me. Our clients live on a diet of creativity and dedication, writing even when they’re exhausted and persevering in the face of rejection—or worse, writer’s block. Working with them makes me feel as if I’ve contributed to something as well.
Happy Thanksgiving and, as always, happy writing!

Dana Micheli
Writer and editor, Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services
Writers in the Sky is a team of ghostwriters, editors, and book marketing specialists committed to the craft and business of writing. We work with our clients on all levels of the publishing process from editing and manuscript assessments to book formatting and marketing. So whether you are a first-time author or a veteran of the craft, let Writers in the Sky help you get your book out into the world. We also provide assistance with résumés, business documents, and academic essays. For more information, visit www.writersinthesky.com.

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