Friday, June 7, 2013

Yvonne Perry Has Released a New Book

Yvonne Perry's new book, Walk-ins Among Us ~ Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness, was launched with a gathering of walk-ins, starseeds, healers, and indigos on May 17-18, 2013 in
Nashville, Tennessee. Replays to this event are now available.

Do you feel like a misfit on Earth? Are you here to help shift humanity and the planet into higher consciousness? You may be a walk-in. Have you experienced an awakening that totally revolutionized your life and made you feel that you are a different person in the same body? You may have had a soul exchange.

Our future, past, and fragmented selves are coming together in wholeness to create a unified expression of the soul. Shadow and light are being integrated. We are becoming one.

If you have had a strange spiritual experience, you will find comfort and information to help make sense of it in this eye-opening book, written by a walk-in to help others understand the soul exchange process and how to integrate higher vibrations that clear energy imprints that are not aligned with love, light, and joy. Learn how to stay centered and actively involved in your personal ascension process as you discover your mission, purpose, and role on Earth.

As our planetary system travels around the Milky Way Galaxy, the Earth passes through galactic portals that affect all of her inhabitants. Within that evolutionary continuum, some humans experience a sudden transformation that awakens spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. In our current time of ascension, people are experiencing visitations, co-habitations, and even trading places with more evolved aspects of their soul in various dimensions. This embodiment of higher consciousness brings pathfinders, way-showers, lightworkers, and healers to our planet to help anchor the new paradigm of oneness and unity associated with the nurturing community love of the Divine Mother.

Those who have experienced a life-transforming event will find help and comfort in this eye-opening book, destined to become a classic in walk-in literature. Walk-ins Among Us is written by a walk-in to help others understand the soul exchange process and how to integrate higher vibrations that clear energy imprints not aligned with love, light, and joy. Through cosmic encoded activations, readers may receive downloads and learn how to stay centered and actively involved in their own ascension process as they discover their mission, purpose, and role on Earth.

Review for this Book

On the best of days, life is complicated. Now, imagine one day you wake up in a body not your own; in a place not your home and you may not even realize this has happened. All you know is that you don’t feel like yourself and you don’t feel like you’re home.

In Walk-ins Among Us, Yvonne Perry does an admirable job of introducing us to such a phenomenon. A complicated subject is addressed with a focus on kindness to the self. Through various references, resources and techniques, Perry takes us into a world that some might view as science fiction, yet might answer many questions for many people.

“An idea gains validity when enough people talk about it in a way that makes it safe to accept.” This is true of any idea. Unless we feel safe to explore our lives and a myriad of possibilities, we leave ourselves potentially missing something that might easily guide us along the path. Whether you are a walk-in or not, being able to venture down this road with the author will allow you to consider possibilities beyond what can be seen or touched.

Yvonne Perry shares her enthusiasm for the subject as well as personal experience. She cites other experts in the field, and you are given enough references to do your own research should you wish. In spite of the focused subject, Perry’s suggestions are valid in any walk of life.

In this book you will learn ways to determine the difference between feelings and emotions. You’ll discover ways to make honest and true-to-self decisions. Now add the offering of kindness to self during times of spiritual growth and anyone can glean something of value.

If you were to wake up a stranger in a strange land, wouldn’t you want a kind heart to show you where to start? Yvonne offers that kindness as she gently points the way for others who have experienced her journey. “There are many variations of walk-ins and soul exchanges, so do not get caught up in labeling your experience.” All too often, we identify with whichever label we’ve been given or adopted. That in itself is limiting and Perry guides the reader toward more expansive understandings.

Regardless of your belief system, the author provides the open-minded reader with insights and guidance that will help any spiritual journeyman. If you are a walk-in, you’ll find a kindred soul to welcome you to your new life.

~ Gigi Miner Author, Tarot Consultant

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