Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Poetry and Prose Corner June 2013

From the forthcoming book, Echoes in the Universe, A Spiritual Memoir, by Leonard Goodwin:

Summer Enlightenment

By Leonard Goodwin

Behind our house
in the sunlightened field
of yellow green grass, two feet high
with a path worn through
I walk to the rise of the hill
where blue sky begins
and the giant oak
reaches for a cloud

I stand in silence
feeling warmth
of the solar furnace soaking through
my outer layers of self
Feet sinking deeply into earth
taking root
Body stretching upward
arms growing out

I am the tree
looking out beyond the field
to urban streets
where busy human forms
rarely raise their eyes
to scan the heights
to which they might ascend

My head touches the cloud
a billow of white
floating in the blue
I am the cloud
the tree, the grass
the earth, the sky
the unfolding human drama
The I and We
in total harmony

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