Monday, June 10, 2013

LOVELAND ~ Deborah and Evert Wilbrink Announce Imperfect Memoirs, an Orginal Folk Song CD

Managing cemeteries was one of my many careers. Single at the time, it was very tricky to answer the question from a prospective mate, “What do YOU do?” For if he walked away, I lost; and if he stayed, asking very particular questions – Hell, who wanted to date that person?

It got easier. When I met my husband I was both a music journalist and an English teacher. And I’d moved to Nashville to write and sell songs. Evert managed bands, found and signed bands for record labels, wrote public relations, and continues to write gonzo music journalism. Here’s his take on my first CD, Imperfect Memoir:

It’s great to be married to a writer and editor of personal histories. I’ve got a lot of stories in me from a lifetime in the music business, about the Doors, Bob Marley, Blondie, Joan Jett… And now Deborah is editing my book. It’s not the easiest thing she has on her plate: My book is in Dutch!
It’s great to be married to such a creative personality. It’s not just Perfect Memoirs she’s writing. She also pens each and every song she plays on her guitar. Quite often I get my own personal house concerts, listening on the couch to the woman I love. Deborah is helping me taking my book to potential readers, while I’m helping her getting her songs out to the world.

Ever since she moved to Nashville, and even before, Deborah Wilbrink has been overflowing with songs. I’m particularly fond of “Loveland”, the song she wrote early in our marriage when I was away a little too long on a business trip. That tune opens the CD Imperfect Memoir, a collection of demos that is now available on CDBaby, Amazon, and wherever else one wants to try and find music. I’m very proud of my cover photo that prominently features the eyes that captured my attention from the very first moment to never let go.

I am a fan of many singer-songwriters. From Neil Young to Van Morrison, and from Willie Nelson to Randy Newman. Deborah Wilbrink is my favorite. Needless to say: I’m biased, I love her, and we just celebrated our seventh anniversary.

Evert’s book is stream of consciousness journalism and memoir. Look for Rock ’N’ Roll Kamikaze by Evert Wilbrink in July, 2013.

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