Friday, June 14, 2013

Join Us for a Conversation with Novelist D.J. Williams

There's only one thing better than a novel you can't put down, and that's a novel you can't put down and teaches you something. D.J. Williams' The Disillusioned is a such a story. It is at once a suspense thriller and a call to action to end the horrors of human trafficking. Tony Guerrero, the founder of F.A.C.T. Alliance (Fight Against Child Trafficking, calls it, "An engrossing tale ... makes you think about the world we live in and your place in it."

After their mother's suicide, Sam and Daniel are forced to leave their comfortable worlds behind and search for a woman they believe can unlock the secrets to her death. When they travel from Los Angeles to the heart of the Zambezi, they enter a world where death is one breath away, where thousands of children are disappearing into the darkness, and where the woman they are searching for is on the hunt for revenge. They will even come face to face to with the Devil himself.
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The Disillusioned may be his first novel, but Williams is no stranger to storytelling He has produced and directed over 140 television episodes syndicated on NBC, ABC, FOX and various cable networks worldwide. To buy the Disillusioned or learn more about D.J. Williams' work, visit

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