Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WITS Podcast Schedule June 2012

On June 22, award-winning novelist Michael Loyd Gray and Inner Wealth Coach Valery Satterwhite return to the WITS podcast for a fascinating discussion on the downside of fame. Michael Loyd Gray's novel Not Famous Anymore is the story of Elliott Adrian, a rich movie star who escapes the plastic world of Hollywood to live an authentic life in his Midwestern home town. Vallery Satterwhite is an Inner Wealth Coach, whose non-fiction book, Money Moxie: How to Transcend the Paradox and Privilege and Discover Your True Worth teaches the real Elliott Adrians to the world to enjoy their fame and fortune while not allowing it to define them.

On June 29, Reverend Steve Brannon joins us to discuss The Two Agreements, his reinterpretation of the New Testament. This incredible book sheds light on the true nature of Christ’s life and work on earth. Brannon explores Jesus’ journey as he walked between two worlds—the relative existence of human life, and the absolute world of love, unity, acceptance and perfection created by The Source.

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