Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart ~ Nature, Intimacy, and Sexual Energy

Title:  Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart ~ Nature, Intimacy, and Sexual Energy
Author: Julie McIntyre
Publisher: Destiny Books, 2012
ISBN: 978-1594773976

Never have I read a book like this one!

Less than a week before this book mysteriously arrived in my mailbox, I was asking the Universe specifically for information to help me better understand how sexuality and spiritual transformation work together. I did not buy this book. I had not told anyone I wanted this book; nor had I corresponded with anyone about this book—I didn’t know it existed—and I don’t know why Inner Traditions sent me the book, but I sure am glad they did! It was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

I had no idea how repressing our sexual, sensual nature (as religion and society has taught us is the prudent way to live) is actually creating the wars, murder, violence, and struggles in our world. Whether it’s due to being abused or being the abuser, more people are wounded from the improper expression of sexual power than any other dynamic known to humankind.

Sexual energy is the life force energy of creation and it is manifested in everything that exists in nature. When we deny the expression of pure passion, it will find a way out and it may not be in the most suitable manner. It may come as rape—that of another person, animal, or the Earth herself. It may push forth as violence, greed, rage, manipulation, or some other harmful behavior, but this ever-rising pressure within every living thing will push the lid off the container no matter how tightly we try to inhibit it. No wonder so many people are sick and depression is rampant! Our very life force has been given a death sentence!

Monogamy and abstinence teaching does nothing to promote spiritual growth or sexual responsibility—even the leaders who demand this fear-based restraint are caught in extramarital affairs, or worse yet, extorting boys and girls. Telling people that sex is dirty or that it’s inappropriate to express this sacred energy only breeds shame and guilt; it does not prevent this powerful force from being expressed some other way. Our repressed emotions, repressed love, repressed spontaneity, and childlike joy must be released, and we must learn how to express this energy wisely.

What is the appropriate way to work with this energy? It’s very simple. Reconnect with your heart (feelings, emotions) and nature—yes, Mother Earth! Our lack of human bonding with the Earth has caused us to blatantly destroy the health of the very planet that sustains our lives. We have so disconnected from our sexuality that we have denied its existence in all of creation. We have moved indoors where we hide behind technological devices that keep us from noticing how much we need the Earth and her benevolence; and how much we need to receive and give divine love to ourselves and others.

Not only is this book filled with information that I’ve never seen presented in any text I’ve read, Julie McIntyre’s poetical style of writing flows from a heart of passion that is felt throughout the well-written text. This book of healing the inner child created a longing within me to allow myself to be loved and vulnerable, to know open-hearted intimacy, and express divine love to all. This book is a keeper and a title that I will share with many others!

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