Friday, June 22, 2012

Join Us for a Conversation with Michael Loyd Gray and Valery Satterwhite

This week we're doing something a little bit different on the WITS podcast. Two previous guests, novelist Michael Loyd Gray and Inner Wealth Coach Valery Satterwhite have returned to discuss the interesting relationship between their books.

Award-winning novelist Michael Loyd Gray has a unique style that is at once sensitive, comical, and ruggedly American, and this style is exemplified in his novel, Not Famous Anymore. It is the story of Elliott Adrian, movie star, playboy, and all around screw up. He has the money and the fame, yet his life is an empty shell. Even beneath a booze-induced daze, Elliott knows he must escape and rediscover his true self before his life of excess kills him. He escapes Hollywood and travels back to Argus, Illinois, the small town where he grew up. Not Famous Anymore is at once the deeply personal story of one man and a commentary on our fame-obsessed society.

Valery Satterwhite, in short, is the person Elliott Adrian would have consulted had he chosen to stay in Hollywood. After growing up in a wealthy family, Valery knows firsthand both the benefits and trappings of wealth. As an adult, she had to redefine her own relationship with money, and now she teaches others of means to do the same in her L.A.-based coaching practice. Similarly, her book, Money Moxie: How to Transcend the Paradox of Privilege and Liberate Your True Wealth, provides guidance to those who have fallen prey to the belief that their wealth and/or fame encapsulates them.

It has been my pleasure to take part in the discussion as Michael and Valery discuss their books and the commonalities between them. Click here to listen to the podcast. 

Like what you heard? Not Famous Anymore and Money Moxie are both available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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