Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Friday, Michael Loyd Gray and Valery Satterwhite Return to the WITS Podcast

 A few months ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing two wonderful authors, Michael Loyd Gray and Valery Satterwhite. When I realized that their books--one fiction, the other non-fiction--complemented each other so beautifully, I felt compelled to introduce them. This week, Michael and Valery were kind enough to return to the WITS podcast for a joint interview.

Michael Loyd Gray's novel Not Famous Anymore is both a humorous and deeply moving exploration of the underbelly of the American Dream. Movie star Elliott Adrian’s days are a whirlwind of parties, booze, and luxury. The problem is, none of it means anything to him. His outwardly perfect life is really just a prison, and although he cannot see the gilded bars, something deep within him knows he must escape before it kills him. Deciding he doesn’t want to be famous anymore, he disappears from Hollywood and begins working his way back to his hometown in rural Illinois.

If Elliott Adrian were a real person, he would be Valery Satterwhite's client. Satterwhite, a Los Angeles-based Inner Wealth Coach and Sports Psychology Coach, helps those who "have it all" realize that their value is not limited to the size of their bank accounts, or their Twitter following. Her book, Money Moxie: How to Transcend the Paradox of Privilege and Liberate Your True Worth, provides empathetic yet non-nonsense advice on how people of means can overcome feelings of powerlessness, low self-esteem and loneliness. These are universal feelings, yet those with money or fame are often told that "they have no problems".  In fact, they are often vilified, envied, and ostracized—even downright hated.
Tune in this Friday to hear Michael and Valery dish on Hollywood, wealth, and their plans for future projects. 

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