Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Learn to Work with MS Word

Yvonne Perry teaches classes on the advanced features of Microsoft Word. The fee is only $25 per 30-minutes of individual instruction. These sessions are conducted via telephone as you sit in front of your computer and work through the exercises while the instructor walks you through what to do. You can take as many or as few of the classes you want.

When you pay for a class, Yvonne will contact you to set up a time for the phone call.

Instruction is offered on the following topics:
  • Tracking changes and adding comments allows you to pass a document back and forth between recipients and see the changes made by each one. It also allows each editor to make comments in the side margin. 
  • Working with styles is a very important feature of Word. It allows you to change all the text of a certain style with one click rather than having to select each instance individually. You cannot create a hyperlinked table of contents without first setting the styles for these headings.
  • Paragraph Spacing: You hit the return key and there's too much space between the text, so you tab or space to the end of a line rather than pressing the Enter key. In this class you will learn to adjust paragraph indentations, set the distance between paragraphs, bullet points, and numbered lists. Learn to alphabetically sort a long list of text.
  • Working with Text: Apply or remove highlighting, change font types, size, and colors; and modify text for bold, italic, underline, superscript, and subscript.
  • Insert and format page numbers in the the headers or footers of your document. This is a basic class that leads into learning about section breaks (see next class below).
  • Creating section breaks between chapters. A must-have class for authors who want to format their own books. This is an hour-long class due to the intricacies of this feature. You will learn how to create a different first page, and unique odd/even pages., allowing you to have your chapter heading on one side of the page and your book title on the other side.
  • Working Faster. Use format painter; manage multiple copied items on your clipboard; use keyboard shortcuts; record macros; create hyperlinks and bookmarks to make getting around in your document much faster and easier.
  • Graphic Formatting. Work with pictures, shapes, and graphics so the text wraps around an image; create colored borders of varying weight around images; work with WordArt, clip art, drop case, and text boxes; set margins, page size, backgrounds, watermarks, and borders. Due to the amount of material covered, this class is one hour long.
  • If your document is too long, has too many words or is too verbose, you may want to shorten it without losing the main thoughts. You can set the percentage to hide or show more or less of your document using the Auto Summary Feature.
If there is a topic you want specific help with, Yvonne will work with you individually by the hour or half-hour.

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