Monday, May 30, 2011

Free Webinar and Videos to Reach Your Goals

Wow! 2011 is already almost half over. Are you on track to meet your goals for this year? or are you overwhelmed and stuck in maintenance mode? If it’s the latter, then I have good news!

For the first time ever, my friend Allison Maslan International/CEO of Blast Off Business and Life Mentoring is offering a FREE webinar, “Six Steps to Reaching Your Goals Once and For All! Your 2011 Mid-Year Success Check-Up” and a FREE video series called “The 6 Ms of Success."

And you’re invited! All you’ve got to do to access BOTH the call and the video series is sign up here:
During the three videos, Allison will share her experiences as a serial entrepreneur – and her favorite techniques for harnessing your own brilliance so you can blast off into a fulfilling, abundant future of your creation.

The first video, available now, covers:

* Components Allison has used to build 9 successful businesses of her own from the ground up.

* Her story of how she built a national advertising and PR firm with no experience, by the time she was 25.

* How she overcame her fear and walked away from an unhappy life toward a better, more fulfilling life she loves.
* How you can design your destiny, rather than being thrown around by it.

* An overview of Maslan’s 6 Ms of Success – a set of ideas necessary to create a long-term thriving and enlivening business that withstands the test of time and life in general.

Reserve your spot:

This webinar, scheduled for Wednesday, June 8th at 5:00 pm PST, is for business owners – or future business owners – who want to get focused, and turn their great ideas into stellar, life-changing growth. Your time is NOW!

Are you among the many brilliant business owners who set goals but don’t have the time or the focus to bring them to fruition? Are you ready to change all that?

Then you definitely won’t want to miss this 75-minute webinar, during which you discover how to:
1. Apply laser focus to what’s critical so you power through 2011, achieving all your biggest, most important goals and dreams.

2. Follow through on your great ideas, so you can turn those ideas into actions and reach your goals this year.

3. Choose which ideas deserve your full attention – and then follow those through to completion, every time, without distraction.

4. Stop finding reasons why your great ideas won’t work – and start figuring out how to THINK and ACT BIG to make them happen.

5. Become aligned with what you do, so you can build a business and a life that energizes and excites you, daily.

6. Stay on track with your short- and long-term goals of every size, without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

The year is almost half over! It’s time to get out of overwhelm and into overdrive so you start achieving your most important goals now. Are you ready? If so, you’re going to want to be on this webinar.

Remember, the call absolutely FREE with no obligations!

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