Monday, December 23, 2013

Poetry and Prose Corner December 2013

Are We Cold Yet?

It’s there
In the air,
You can sense the hawk sweeping.
Very soon
It will wake from its sleeping
To bite and to nip
To claw and to rip
To haunt and to halt
In its bone-chilling grip.

Good sense says to hide,
To keep safely inside
Secure by the fireside
To weather the tide.
But fate bids me go
On my trek through the snow,
And suffer her wrath
As her glacial winds blow.

And the taut winter breeze
Brings the strong to their knees
As autumn surrenders
To deep winter’s freeze.

Dennis S. Martin
Lulu Storefront:

The Realization

By Lisa Emery

The fountain of youth is easy to find; be still! It's beyond your mind. Remove all thought, take a breath... lose all judgment and regret. Negate all time; it's not what it seems... this life we're in, IS the dream. It's not something you do, it's more something you are; recognize this truth and there'll be no holds barred. Human and Being… separate yet whole... to learn the difference of each is our earthly goal. It really is simple yet touches so deep, true Realization may bring you to weep. Our physical bodies are human indeed, but to touch the Being Inside us is what we all need. Now "Being" you see is what's deep underneath... beyond all thoughts in this life, our body's our sheath. The soul that we house is eternal and truth. When you tap into this power you'll find timeless youth. There's no limitation when you touch this core, you'll see beauty around you never noticed before. The mysteries of life will then become clear; fear will no longer grip you when adversity is near. The Universe becomes helpful in all that you do, synchronicity appears and blessings shine through. Open your heart, open your soul... the manifestations you seek will be rewarded tenfold. Be 'one with life'; be always Present. Life is happening Now... this very instant. Accept each moment as it is, when this is achieved then true Peace shall live. The freedom that comes in the Present moment, is equal to none... it's the purpose of our existence.

Lisa Emery is a poet and writer trying to make a living with words as well as trying to make a difference.

Please Don't Cry

By: Brenda McBride

Written for My Dad, Herbert Grant

Please don't cry; the salt from your tears can fill an ocean with sorrow.
So save your tears, and fill that ocean with cherished memories
that you store in your heart…
Those memories will sustain you, and keep you close to me when the pain becomes too much to bear, as you feel the hollow space
that's torn you apart…

Please don't cry; wipe away your tear drops one by one each day, as you begin to take one step forward to face a new future, one with promise and joy from deep within…
Leaving your sorrow behind you, while still feeling connected to those you've loved and lost, take charge of your emotions, let the healing begin…

Please don't cry; let your tears vanish into drops of hope, with many hopeful wishes that will indeed come true, in the process of your
healing and becoming strong…
The pain may be overwhelming now, but in time you'll see a remarkable change inside of you, miraculous in many ways…
Have patience, it won't take long…

Please don't cry; you must realize I'm still close by your side in spirit. I'll never leave you or wander too far away from where you are…
My world co-exists with yours; we are a part of one another. I'm in the cool breeze that passes you by and I'm in the warmth if the sun…
Accept my passing as part of life: it was my time to pass on. Your time will come too, when the day is done.

Brenda McBride lives in Temecula, California, with her two teenage girls and is a substitute teacher working with special education students. Several of her articles and poems have been published in various magazines in the last several years. When her father passed away in 2011, her grief became so unbearable that she began writing to release deep emotions. There's not a day that goes by without the thought and beautiful memories shared with her wonderful dad.


Ten or twelve crows, maybe more, flitting and flighting from one pine tree to the next.

Caw! Caw!
Fussing and fuming, feathers a-flyin'.

A black-feathered family reunion
I believe it was.
Complete with baked beans and fried chicken.
Potato salad. Yes, potatoes, baby!

"I haven't seen you since last winter."

"Is that your green bean casserole?"

"Have you put on some weight, dear?" (Probably too much banana pudding.)

"Aunt Tooley!" (You're still living?)

There was enough cawing and calling and cackling to send a query overseas—or at least a long-distance call—to invite the rest of the crow family to come and fight over which tree to serve the desserts in.

(C) 2013 Yvonne Perry

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