Friday, February 1, 2013

WITS Podcast: Self-Publishing Guru Dara M. Beevas Talks about The Indie Author Revolution

Anyone in the book business these days knows that self-publishing has become a powerful force in the literary world. Gone are the days when self-published books carry the stigma of not being "good enough" for agents and traditional houses. On the contrary, many authors are choosing to forgo the querying process altogether, simply because they want to maintain control over their work.

That doesn't not mean it's easy (because, let's face it, not much is easy when it comes to writing and selling your book). Self-publishing can be extremely daunting, especially for first time authors. Someone who just wanted to write is now making critical decisions about formatting their manuscript (and cover art!) that can really impact their book's reception in the marketplace. They also must be ready (and sooner rather than later) to promote both themselves and their work through traditional and social media.

That's why Dara M. Beevas' book is such a godsend. Drawing on her experience as both a traditionally and self-published author, Beevas has created a comprehensive guide to joining the indie revolution. Also apparent in the book is Beevas' passion for mentoring other writers, which is no surprise, given her "day job". Beevas is Vice President of Beaver's Pond Press, a Minneapolis-based company created for the sole purpose of helping indie writers get their story (and a quality product) out into the world.

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Like what you heard? Visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Beaver's Pond Press to order The Indie Author Revolution. For more information on Dara's work, visit Wise Ink.

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