Friday, February 15, 2013

What WITS Can Do for You

By Yvonne Perry, owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services

Just look at all the wonderful services that the WITS team is able to provide! We can take a book from nothing more than an idea in someone’s mind and bring it all the way into the hands of the reader through online marketing.

Of course, there are several stops along the way. The first step is to arrange for a consultation to discuss what your manuscript will need in order to get it ready for publishing. Let’s say you bring an idea for a book to us, but not a word has been written down. One of our ghostwriters can record an interview with you, transcribe the story into a Word document, and then help you develop a manuscript that is ready for a copy or line edit.

Or, perhaps you have the basic manuscript typed up in MS Word, but it’s in pretty rough shape and needs a lot of rewriting and additional development of scenes, characters, transitions, and other elements to make the story flow cohesively. A developmental editor can turn this into a well-written manuscript, ready to be handed to one of our copy editors, who will catch mechanical errors.

The price for ghostwriting and developmental editing depends upon how much work you are willing to do yourself and how much you want to turn over to the ghostwriter. We have payment and time-management plans that will allow you to pay as you go and spread the work out over a period of time.
From this point, your book will be ready for a proofreader to clean up any gremlins that missed the first pair of eyes during the copy edit. Then, it will be formatted to industry standards using headers, footers, page numbers, chapter headings, etc.

Next, we will discuss the publishing methods available and help you decide which is the best route for you. If you decide to publish as an e-book, we have a layout artist who can help you meet the strict formatting criteria for the Kindle, Nook, and Apple iBook readers, as well as Smashwords. If you decide to publish on demand, we can walk you through the set up on or If you decide to present your book to a conventional publisher or literary agent, we can help you write the query letter and book proposal, complete with a comprehensive marketing plan.
And, speaking of marketing, we don’t leave you high and dry with your new book. We work with you to establish your online platform and promote your book through social media.

Don’t delay your goal to be a successful author another day. Go to and contact us now!

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