Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The First Lady of Tennessee, Crissy Haslam, likes ANI!

By Kristen House

ANI's fan-base keeps growing. Now, you can add the First Lady of Tennessee to the list of folks who think we're pretty cool.

We met with the First Lady to talk about the summer ANI novel-writing camps at Cheekwood, and also to share news about the Pen & Paper Clubs. She was impressed. :)
Don't know about the Pen & Paper Clubs? Check out this article from The City Paper:
We're on a mission, and 15 schools are coming along with us for the ride. If you see your school in the yellow box to the right, you should join us. If you don't see your school, you should email Kristen and we'll see if we can get to you next semester.
The Pen & Paper club is a private/public partnership, and is committed to providing scholarship funding to writers who need assistance.
email kristen@anovelideanashville.com for an application or more information, or register online at www.anovelideanashville.com

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