Friday, April 27, 2012

This Woman's Got Moxie: Join Us for a Conversation With Inner Wealth Coach Valery Satterwhite

From the outside, Valery Satterwhite's childhood was idyllic. Born into a life of privilege, she had everything most of us dream of. To Valery, however, the money was nothing more than a "gilded cage", preventing her from connecting to "real life" and discovering her true potential.

After years of self-exploration, Valery redefined her relationship with money and now works as an Inner Wealth Coach and Sports Psychology Coach to help others do the same. Although her practice is based in Los Angeles, she works with people around the globe who are trying to transcend their wealth and uncover their soul purpose. If you feel like your wealth defines and enshrines you, pick up her new revolutionary book, Money Moxie: How to Transcend the Paradox of Privilege & Liberate Your True Worth.
Valerie helps her clients and readers deal with such universal feelings as powerlessness, low self-esteem and loneliness. These people are often vilified, envied, and ostracized—even downright hated--for their wealth. As such, Valery also helps them cope when society tells them they " have nothing to complain about", simply because they have money.
Click here to hear Valery speak about her work as an Inner Wealth Coach. 

Money Moxie is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
To contact Valery about her Inner Wealth or Sports Psychology Coaching, visit!/MoxieTherapy or email her directly at

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