Friday, April 13, 2012

Creative Book Marketing Ideas in Tough Times

By Sarah Banham
Indie author of several published novels, SJ Banham has turned her skills to workshops. From a book marketing point of view it makes good business sense. Creative Writing workshops are useful to several kinds of people, not just those who like to dabble in the craft. These workshops aid self confidence, public speaking and discovering yourself and your surroundings, something we often take for granted in this busy world.

Finding Inspiration to Creatively Write, is one such workshop. Held in the historic market town of Colchester, Essex, prided for its recording in the Domesday book, Sarah encourages attendees to view the world from another angle to get the best from it and Getting to Know Your Characters is an exciting workshop filled with visualisations. There is even a workshop for those who are new to the craft, entitled Getting Started.

Sarah’s been writing for over 25 years but her business For The Love of Books is still a youngster. ‘Marketing your own work through another medium has been a useful and steep learning curve, Sarah enthuses. It shows that being a woman in business isn’t all gloom and doom as sometimes we hear but can be a bright and happy place filled with like minded people. Those people then see my novels on display at the workshops and hopefully purchase copies. They also see that although the publishing world is a cut-throat industry, it can also be a friendly and helpful place. Several of my independently (or self) published novels have sold well which gives me a good base on which to plan others. Being involved with local festivals, other Indies and several book shops has been very useful and marketing through social media and my own website is invaluable. I regularly write a blog informing readers about new ideas, workshop and even offer free writing tips.’

Marketing books and creative writing generally is exciting in these literary changing times. There are those who will not budge from paper while others embrace technology very easily. Perhaps the trick is to show there is room for both and not at the expense of either?

If you are interested in the workshops mentioned above or indeed require a ghost writer or other services offered by Sarah, please visit her website

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